Tamils, united we stand!

By: C. C. David

A general election has been thrust upon the people. The Sri Lankan public is aware, in fact the whole democracy-preaching world is aware, that forcing the election was a blatantly and indisputably undemocratic act by a power-hungry political party. President J. R. Jayewardene gifted to Sri Lanka a unique constitution presumably deluded into thinking he would be president for life. The incumbent, now basking in the glory of that office and protected by the safety net it provides against the legislature, carries on with scant regard to accountability, while threatening to abolish the presidency if her party is returned at the forthcoming polls.

The Tamils of this country who have suffered repeated tyranny under successive Sinhala governments and their Machiavellian machinations, coupled with the state’s security forces who have a record of ethnic-cleansing, mass killing and destruction, are again faced with an election that is designed to negate the peace process.

This is a crucial period for the Tamils, and all Tamils should forget their innate selfishness and go without fear and cast their vote en bloc to that one party, which is sponsored by the men and women who have sacrificed and shed their blood for the community. This includes Tamils of the Western Province who have a voting potential of 250,000. The up-country Tamils also are part of this number. We must all unite and go as ONE body to safeguard our future.

The UNF, which enjoyed support of the Tamils, has deceived them wholesale. In the last two years the government was engaged in peace talks while playing for time. Milinda Moragoda travelled tirelessly to the USA and India to organize safety nets and defence treaties, while allaying Tamil fears that the military was rearming. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is no saint; his promises are like writings on water, but he has not looked at the writing on the wall!

The duty of all self-respecting Tamils is to ensure that they check the polls register for their names and go early on election day and cast their vote. There need be no fear; gone are the days of being bullied and intimidated. The Sinhalese are well aware that they cannot risk another communal onslaught against the Tamils because it will be they who will be at the receiving end and it will only hasten the process of secession. If they want a united nation they have to realise this change of fortunes. The international community is aware that the Tamils have achieved their present status through military and diplomatic skill in the name of liberty. It is also fully aware that that community is a power to be reckoned with. Tamils need not worry about UNF or PA/JVP as long as they are united as one solid body. They have a strong military to defend themselves but need an equally strong representation in parliament to show the world that they are united in their struggle for freedom. The cry for freedom is now – an urgent cry to unite: to unite in the name of liberty and freedom.

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