Canada should continue to pursue justice despite veiled threats from Sri Lanka

Canadians following Canadian foreign policy and Prime minister Harpers focus on human rights were dismayed by the recent accusations leveled against Canada by the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Ottawa Chitranganee Wagiswara, that demanded Canada should alter its position in regards to its stand on Human Rights. The Canadian press reported, that the High Commissioner further went on record stating that Canada is listening to terrorist propaganda and they are not happy on the recent statements by Canada in this regard.

It is interesting that the High commissioner is detracting from the real issue, of well documented allegations of war crimes committed, whilst arguing for non-accountability on the alleged killings of ten of thousands of civilians, contrary to all international norms. While she continues her barrage against Canada , leading human Rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International Crisis Group and special rapporteurs of the UN; all accused the Sri Lankan regime of using terrorism as an excuse in not showing any genuine accountability of the mass crimes committed.

Canadian observers especially Tamil Canadians, who have been continuously labeled as terrorists by Sri Lanka for voicing their concerns on their murdered relatives, were dismayed by the lack of remorse and the its non-willingness to accept responsibility towards justice and reconciliation.

The High Commissioner further felt proud of the fact that they were able to derail Canada ’s attempt to open up an ‘interactive dialogue’ on the subject in the upcoming session of the UN Human Rights Council. It is well known that Canada , in the past has led many international missions and attempts in procuring peace and justice all around the world. This includes, leading the mission of dismantling apartheid in South Africa by recalling its Ambassador and making its mark felt in the international stage, including the UN and Commonwealth.

It is a highly ethical for Canada to advance for reconciliation through Justice in Sri Lanka , since the world order would deteriorate if countries like Sri Lanka could get away from alleged war crimes committed. It further muddies the international norms when countries like Cuba , Congo , China and Angola , who have highly questionable Human rights records, help Sri Lanka to wipe the blood stains in open international forums and mechanisms.

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