Susma Swaraj led Indian Team’s Sri-Lanka Visit end in Zero (summa)

By: Dr C P Thiagarajah

The proverb “The mountain laboured and brought forth a mouse” aptly describe the result of the all party (minus the the ruling ADMK and the defeated DMK) fact finding team from the Indian parliament that ended on 21 of April 2009. A quick scanning of their press conference statement will reveal this.

In the first paragraph the visiting Indian Parliamentary delegation called for the urgent implementation of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC). The UNHRC with the help all the world powers had already made a famous move on this direction and the Sinhala hegemonic racist leader had categorically refused to implant the UN’s recommendations.

Will an opposition leaders pleadings change the confirmed hardened conviction of Mahinda Rajapakse, a person accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity and responsible for the genocide of nearly 40000 civilians in one day alone in May 2009? It is wishful thinking. The Tamils won’t buy this tom foolery of the Indians. The time wasting exercise of the Indians was another way to detract the international community from taking the war criminal Rajapakse to the ICC. This is another attempt to bury the UN Panel of Experts (POE) report (Darusman Report) regionally ie South Asia. All human rights organisation should take very active steps to counter the Indian subtle diplomacy garbed in the form of fact finding mission.

The tamashas, curry favours and breakfast offered by the Sinhalese had disorientated the team that lost its writ detailed in para 2 of the statement. The team instead of fact finding re the post war efforts and how the affected population, mainly the Tamils were getting on under the repressive Sinhala racist regime, Susma in particular did carry out other diplomatic assignments as well by opening railway infrastructure in the affluent Sinhala South. She should have observed that the Sinhala areas are being amply looked after by the Sinhala government.

It was a fatal mistake of the team not to have met the 80000 Tamil war widows nor the cluster and thermo baric bomb victims or how they are looked after and what anti-cancer treatment they receive. The omission of isuch mportant visits shows that the itinerary was planned by the Sinhala state with connivance of the Indian government to avoid the wrath of Tamil Nadu when the atrocities jointly committed by both countries in the war become public. These are all hushed up without reaching the South Indian Tamil population as they would cause political atomic blast that would rock the ruling congress government of the Italian origin widow Sonia.

The team was also sharpening the Indian skills of moving with the devils to achieve their own political end that of keeping Sri-Lanka under India’s wings. Susma and the Congress Tamil MPs who are traitors to their own race for supporting the congress shook hand with men accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide. It is very disheartening to see how Susma, the woman with the well shining holy kum kum tilak sat with minister Douglas Devananda a man accused of murder in her own country and who was wanted by the Indian courts for trial. The team also was pally with another Tamil para military leader and minister in the Rajapakse government V Muraleetharan alias Karuna who too was alleged to have murdered 500 Sinhala policemen.

In paragraph eight (8) the statement says “India have been assured in the past that a political solution will be given to the Tamils within the framework of “Thirteenth Amendment – Plus”. The fact finding team urged the Government of Sri Lanka and other stakeholders, including the Tamil National Alliance, to resume dialogue and move towards an early political settlement. However, losing their track they yielded to an unfair demand by the Sri-lankan government for a parliamentary select committee. The Indian team then foolishly suggested urgent consultations to create conditions for launching of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC). No valid reason for a PSC was given to the Indian team except that it is the brain child of a mediocre president who committed the worst genocide of Tamils in this century on the foolish advice by India through three Malayalee so called advisers/ thinkers, Nambiar, Narayanan, and Shiva Shanker Menon.

The artful dodger and political crook Rajapakse is quite well adept at procrastinating issues and then denying implementing anything to make things advantageous to the Sinhala race. Look at the multitude of unattended commission reports produced on his orders made by him under pressure from the international community. The 13+ political package could be discussed in parliament straight away without taking it through a PSC to parliament for another time wasting discussion. It should be accepted by India that Rajapakse played Susma out by diverting the issue in another direction.

Susmas failure deals Tamils another blow against a political solution. Personally many Tamils knew that Sinhalese will never give on their own free will, a political deal for the Tamils unless pressured by the International Community. It is pertinent to highlight here that India failed with all it favours and patronage to make the Sinhalese implement the already agreed 13 amendment peace package for over a decade. It is a long time in politics for the Tamils to wait for a country to give their political right; the rights that were wrenched off from Tamils through military might.

Paragraph ten of the press statement reads “these projects serve to underline India's commitment, as a stakeholder in peace, stability and harmony in Sri Lanka, to addressing the pressing needs of the war-affected people and the restoration of normalcy to their lives”. The fact finding team did not notice that these massive projects have not been prioritised according to the immediate needs of the war affected and suffering population. In reality, the team is carrying out an inspection of the work done by India rather than looking at whether the projects delivered meet the urgent requirements of the suffering population. As we all know air port and harbour are not frequently used by the majority of the war victims. Their immediate need is a good house and restoration of tanks and canals that were destroyed by the army to start their economic activities. They want their community life restored by removing the big brother army that had corrupted social life.

The irony is that the fact-finding team did not see the alien Buddhist statues springing up at junction and all sorts of places that are not relevant to the local population. There are no Buddhists in Vanni or Jaffna and still for all Buddha is being forced upon the Tamils. Many religious institutions of the local indigenous population of Hindu and Christian and Muslim, eg Temples/churches and Mosques are in ruins due to shelling and bombing by the Sinhalese. The Sinhalese would say that it was the LTTE carried out the bombing. If that was a fact they would have bombed long before the war.

In paragraph 11 of their statement the team seem to reveal their espionage intentions. They concluded that “they were happy to note that the two countries relations were moving ahead in a comprehensive manner. It is a relationship based on deep civilizational and cultural bonds and shared interests. As a close and friendly neighbour, they have strong stakes in the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka and in the preservation of peace, harmony and prosperity of this country. We are committed to taking the relationship forward”. It is a pity that the Tamil population was not given any assurances in the press statement. The Tamils are still being treated as a commodity between the two countries rather than as living entities.

See what DS Senanayake did to the Indian Tamils. They were disfranchised and no country in the world nor India that talk about neighbours did anything to stop that ungrateful act of the hegemonic Sinhalaya. Srima-Sastry pact did the same to the Indian Tamils over repatriation and registration of citizens. Rajiv Gandhi entered into a political settlement for the Tamils without their participations in 1987. Tamils are pawns in the Indian hands for their benefit and politics. Now the world is an enlightened world. The Tamil Diaspora is very alert now. Now human issues should be tackled with human right perspectives and that too according to UN rules and regulations. In the concluding para the statement runs thus “As democracies, we understand that we may occasionally have differences but these will be dealt with through dialogue and on the basis of mutual respect. I am confident that our shared heritage and common interests will take us for ward together”. The adage “what is good for the goose in good for the gander” should apply to the Eelam Tamils as well. At present the Tamils in their traditional homeland of the North and East of Sri-Lanka are ethnically different from the majority Sinhala race that had robbed the Tamils power and privileges enjoyed by them for a very long time even under colonial rule.

Now the Sinhalese had carried out genocide of the worst sort of nearly 40000 Tamil civilians in a day alone in May 2009 transgressing democratic principles. The Indians who speak of democracy forgot every description and definition of democracy and defiled democracy by helping the Nazi regime of Rajapakse to exterminate nearly 1400000 Tamils in the war.

Did the team find out what the Tamils felt about India’s stand during the war? Will India restore the treasured democracy to Tamils? How soon? It is a false façade India is trying to build using this parliamentary team and the chief minister of Tamil Nadu Ms Jayalalitha Jajeyaram was sharp enough to look though the plot and pulled the carpet under their feet. Poor octogenarian Karunanithy had to follow suit to keep pace with the Madame’s political footstep. Unfortunately Karunanithy is not an actor and therefore is bound to loose Jaya is a peacock and Karunanithy is only a pea hen.

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