Third Anniversary of the Mullivaaikkaal Massacre Remembered in New York City

The 3rd Anniversary of the Mullivaaikkaal Massacre was commemorated by the Diaspora Tamils on Friday May 18th 2012, in front of the UN Head Quarters Plaza in New York City. The meeting commenced with a moment of silence in reverence for the tens of thousands of innocent Tamil lives snuffed out by a brutal regime and for their voiceless loved ones who survived that slaughter and are now under total subjugation in their own homeland. It was attended and represented by all the major Tamil organizations and bodies in the United States.

The following spoke on behalf of their respective organizations and bodies : Mr. Nanjil Peter on behalf of WTO, Dr. Muthuvel Chelliah on behalf of FETNA, Dr. Jeyalingham on behalf IIangai Tamil Sangam, Dr. Soma Illangovan on behalf USTPAC and the Honorable Prime Minister of TGTE Mr.Visvanathan Rudrakumar.

In his speech Mr Rudrakumaran was clear about the stand that TGTE has taken all along in regards to the charges of 'Genocide' against the Sri Lankan regime, whereas some other bodies might have felt a lesser charge of 'Crimes against Humanity' was sufficient. Stating in unequivocal terms, "However, some well-meaning activists believe that establishing the intent of the crime of genocide is a difficult task. Like in any criminal prosecution, intent can be inferred from the context.

The employment of disproportionate use of force in Mullivaikal clearly demonstrates that the intent of the Sri Lankan politico-military leadership is to kill the Tamils on account of their Tamil nationality". The meeting ended with the gathered throng of Tamil-Americans bearing lighted candles in their outstretched hands while proclaiming their determination and vowing to continue their peaceful struggle to free the Tamil Nation at home from the yoke of oppression by the Sri Lankan government and military. "We shall never forget" resonated across the UN plaza.

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