Peace without justice - not to be a very enduring peace – Canadian Parliamentarian Chris Alexander

By: Lobby for Peace (You Tube)

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Chris Alexander, MP for Ajax – Pickering, referring Sri Lanka said, Peace without justice - not to be a very enduring peace, that’s the lesson from many part of the world.

He went to Sri Lanka in March, part of the three member official Canadian fact finding mission to Sri Lanka. He said, Canada has major and serious concerns that reflected on Prime Minister Harper, Foreign Minister Baird and others in the government in their policy towards Sri Lanka.

“Human right is not respected by and large... Peace is not a durable one, and the situation will not be satisfactory from our perspective until certain of the major concerns are addressed,” he said.

“We saw north of country and same is true in many part of the east, Military presence that is far greater that what would ever be justifiable in peace time in our country or other countries that claim to have ended a conflict. Local police and civil institutions are far too weak. Local elections are not been held… Far too many credible reports of continuing human rights abuses,” further said Mr. Alexander.

“People disappearing – people facing arbitrary detention in one way another or arbitrary abuses from those in authority - We raise these issues – we expect action – actions have been promised for long time – there is a new action plan put forward by the government this summer – but has not translate into change in the ground,” he said.

Referring to the Canadian position on the Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka next year, Chris Alexander said, “That’s a deep concern to us – as the Prime Minster said not prepared to attend the commonwealth summit in Colombo unless there is a significant progress in those fronts – we have yet to see that.”

Listen to the wide ranging interview on Canadian Foreign policy issues as well on Canadian economy and foreign investment.

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