Tamil Canadians will rally to protest the brutal attack on Tamil students of Jaffna University by the Sri Lankan Police and Military.

For Immediate Release:

Toronto, Canada – Tamil Canadians will be holding a rally to protest the mistreatment of Tamil students of Jaffna university; and to request United States and Canada to demand Sri Lanka to remove the military and police from the Tamil homeland.

The rally will be held in front of the U.S Consulate ( 360 University Avenue ) on Friday, December 7th from 12pm to 7pm. NCCT strongly condemns the brutal attack by the occupying Sri Lankan Police and Military on the peaceful demonstrations held on November 28th at the University of Jaffna . The ruthless attack injured more than 50 students and 7 students were admitted to the hospital in critical condition. A journalist and a Tamil Member of Parliamentarian were attacked as well. Subsequently four students were arrested and are still in custody.

Tamil students suffered immensely from the genocidal Sri-Lankan regime in many ways. From standardization of the education system to the recent attack on the students symbolizes the systematic threat on the education and freedom of speech.

The history of the island indicates that it was the oppression of Tamils’ democratic struggle that led the Tamil youth to take up arms. Despite this fact the world’s response to this repression continues to be muted. The world needs to act immediately to protect Tamils’ rights. They should immediately step in to protect the Tamil people by demanding the removal of the Sri Lankan military from the Tamil homeland and then to bring the Tamil area under the civil administration. For more information contact:

National Council of Canadian Tamils

Phone: 416.830.7703

Email: media@ncctcanada.ca

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