Tamil Canadians will be campaigning against the “made in Sri Lanka ” clothing sold in the Canadian Market

For Immediate Release
Friday, December 14th, 2012

Tamil Community members and human rights activists will stage an awareness campaign to the shoppers on this Saturday December 15th 2012 from 12pm to 3pm at Dundas Square to boycott clothing made in Sri Lanka and sold by Canadian outlets during the holiday season.

About 75,000 ethnic Tamils, including women and children, were slaughtered by ethnic Sinhalese controlled Sri Lankan armed forces between January and May of 2009. They were herded into a small beach area and bombed and shelled from land, sea and air in a genocidal onslaught. Another 300,000 Eelam Tamils were locked in concentration camps where they were abused, tortured and many disappeared. Recently released UN documents indicate the death toll in Sri Lanka is the worst mass atrocity of the 21st century, surpassing the genocide of Srebrenica and Bosnia and present day Syria combined.

The genocide of Eelam Tamils continues in Sri Lanka , with rampant militarization of occupied North-East where torture, detentions, rape and disappearances are common place, and Tamil land is appropriated for military and state-aided colonization of non-Tamils. Freedom of assembly and freedom to mourn their dead are denied to Tamils as evidenced by the recent attack on the University of Jaffna students on Nov 27, 2012. The perpetrators of the genocide are still entrenched in power, without accountability or justice.

The garments made in Sri Lanka are sold in the West to the tune of 4 billion dollars. This funds the Sri Lankan military and entrenches the apartheid regime in Sri Lanka . Boycotting garments made in Sri Lanka will help to protect human rights. It can pave the way for justice and freedom for the oppressed Eelam Tamils.

More info: www.boycottsrilanka.com

Contact: National Council of Canadian Tamils
Phone: 416.830.7703
Email: media@ncctcanada.ca

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