Resolution on Sri Lanka is failing to address the g round reality; thus paving the way for continuous genocide of Tamils

The resolution brought by the United States on Sri Lanka was read first at the United Nations Human Rights Council on Wednesday, March 13th 2013. The draft version, which did not call for an International Independent Investigation to c rimes against humanity and genocide, was further diluted from original version despite Canad a’s and European Union’s insistence to strengthen it further.

Last March the UN Resolution 19/2 attempted to prom ote reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka. In doing so the resolution requested the Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) to present a report on the provision of such assistanc e to the Human Rights Council at its twenty- second session. This year, the OHCHR indicates the continuing reports of extrajudicial killings, abductions and enforced disappearance in the past y ear and highlights the urgency of action to combat impunity. In this regard, the high commissio ner reaffirms her long-standing call for an independent and credible international investigatio n into alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

Despite the overwhelming call for an international independent investigation, this year’s resolution headed towards giving more space and tim e for the Sri Lankan state to further the genocide of Tamils. This resolution was a very weak demonstration of the international community.

We urge the International community to remedy the T amil genocide by forcing the Sri Lankan state to abide by the international law and to ensu re the immediate protection of the Tamil people. Only an Independent International Investiga tion into the charges of genocide and crimes against humanity will suffice. This is what the Tamil community, including the students of Tamil Nadu are calling for.

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