Partners in Crime Help Rajapkshas to Whitewash Genocide Crime in CHOGM

By: Dr C P Thiagarajah

“NEVER AGAIN” said the UN on its inauguration in 1948 by the allied victors of World War II following the victory over Nazi Germany that caused the genocide of an estimated 6 million Jews. It was a cruellest act of inhumanity. Without any hesitation the UN said “Never again” unashamedly after acknowledging its own failings in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. After sixty years of UN costly existence, genocide of Tamils took place in Sri-Lanka, while outsiders (other nations) stood by idly. Now when UN is under Ban Ki Moon’s control genocide has taken place “Again and Again” in SriLanka. Who are the outsiders who stood idly looking on apart from the insider watch dog UN? Answer is in monosyllable. World.

President Mahinda Rajapkse and his rabid brother the Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapakshe have repeatedly said very loudly and clearly that they could not have finished off the LTTE freedom fighters along with nearly 150000 minority Tamils if not for the timely help rendered by nearly twenty powerful world countries. They are the partners in the genocide crime.

Many countries in the Commonwealth of Nations are among the twenty cited by Rajapaksas. Some of these commonwealth countries had been human right violators themselves in their respective countries. By holding the CHOGM in Colombo these war criminals are trying to help Rajapakshas to white wash his heinous crimes and avoid an international war crime investigation. Following which sanctification the genocidaire Rajapakse will become respectable as he will be the chair of CHOGM for the next two years. Hence it would appear that the ultimate motive of this elitist club members is to hide their own HR violations. Else why should they attend the CHOGM which is chaired by a suspected war criminal in his own Auschwitcz?

Following exposure of what really happened in the May 2009 genocide in Mullvaikal during Sri-Lankan army’s fight against the LTTE the Sri-Lankan government has lost its credibility in the eyes of respectable countries such as Canada and the EU. It is a pariah state now. CHOGM is attempting to retrieve some of the reputation that Sri-Lanka lost through the 2013 meeting in Colombo and to rehabilitate the criminal and take him back into their fold. The club members are unashamedly open about it and they claim that it is for their own countries trade benefit and geopolitical interest. Consequently these countries had completely forgotten the ethics of war. War crimes were committed in Sri-Lanka war behind an iron curtain and the war was hence a war without witnesses.

Through his three Channel 4 TV documentaries Mr Callum Macray a human rights activist, a bulldog like fighter for rights of the underprivileged and Channel 4 TV producer had revealed the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Mr Callum Macray- HR Activist and TV Producer

These award winning TV exposures had touched the hearts of the entire world citizens and the legal professions to query the actions of the UN and other HR NGO’s about their credibility and knowledge base/intellectual resource. They should not have complied with orders given by dictatorial country like Sri-Lanka, contrary to accepted principles in HR law when innocent civilians were under threat of extermination. The two UN report on the war on Sri-Lanka incriminated the UN and the Sri-Lankan government of War crimes and Crimes against Humanity. The report criticised senior UN civil servant of neglect of duty and failing to apply the R2P principle to save the endangered Tamils. After a recent visit to Sri-Lanka Ms Navi Pillai, the well-respected UNHRC Secretary General, has noted that even after five years since the end of war structural HR violation is still going on.

With all these sinister accusations the CHOGM had been pencilled to take place in Sri-Lanka by the Indian Mr Sharma. This he did clandestinely after hiding vital facts to the Commonwealth Members who decided to hold the CHOGM in Colombo in 2013. It is a paradox. And all the respectable democratic governments are heading towards Sri-Lanka to attend the conference where they will be shaking the bloodied hands of hard hearted war criminal Rajapakse who committed the worst genocide of the century-that of massacring thousands and thousands of ethnic Tamils in a save heaven declared by the government themselves.

Further, why is there an apathy among world governments to take legal action against Sri-Lanka when African countries that carried out genocide were quickly dragged to the ICC and justice meted out to the innocent victims of genocide? What is the need to rehabilitate a war criminal instead of prosecuting him in an ICC? When these democratic gentlemen reach Sri-Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse would have white washed his genocide crime. If not how can a sinner touch the hand of respectable men like David Cameron and Australian PM. Some Heads of government in South Asia are sinners themselves as they have been accused of HR violations. They have nothing to lose when they shake their bloodied hands with the soiled hand of Rajapakse.

Imagine the top leaders of countries with history of treating sympathetically the victims of repression and HR violation going to a country that straight away refused to accept the UN findings against it. It is a travesty of justice. Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime minister of UK the country that established the Commonwealth of Nation club said "I will raise my concerns when I see President Rajapaksa next week in Colombo," "And I will tell him that if Sri Lanka doesn't deliver an independent investigation, the world will need to ensure an international investigation is carried out instead." This is not a tenable reason for justifying his presence particularly when there is myriads of protest from various HR organisations and the UK’s most distinguished Amnesty International. If the anti-Tamil President who can order his troops to massacre nearly 70000 Tamil civilians during the last stages of the war in 2009 and defy the UN it will be foolhardy for Mr Cameron to expect any compliance to his oral request.

It is apparent now that the US, India and the UK are in a very timid stage to obtain justice for the Tamils and are adopting a begging bowl policy to get piecemeal deals for the Tamils. See what William Hague wrote to UK's Daily Telegraph, “hosting the Commonwealth has put Sri Lanka under the international spotlight and has contributed to some improvements”. These eminent men had forgotten that they are dealing here with a war criminal and that he will not yield to their formal kind request at any cost.

I will give the best advice given on Thursday by one of the Elders group member , South African peace campaigner and Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu to the UK team “ A boycott of a meeting of Commonwealth leaders this month in Sri Lanka could help pressure Colombo to address alleged war crimes against minority Tamils”. Therefore give Rajapakse pressure and not help him claim respectability in the eyes of the world by posing for photographs with Prince Charles and the rest of the UK team. Never cow down to a crook. He will take your attendance as your weakness. The world is struggling to bring this man to book for his horrid crime against humanity and patting him and offering him with a chance to sanitise his crimes will impede the path to the Holy Grail- the ICC inquiry for his genocide.

The Commonwealth of Nation under the foolish Secretary Sharma also did not raise any concerns when the world watch dog the UN and many other HR organisations were ordered by the Sinhala President to evacuate from the war zone/front during the height of the war in April-May 2009. These organisation complied with this criminal order forgetting their duty to the minority Tamils who solely depended on them for their protection and survival especially when their trusted guardians, the LTTE was no longer there as they were on the run. A former UN spokesperson of the UN Mr Gordon Weiss who was in Sri-Lanka at that time later repentantly admitted in his book ‘The Cage’ written after his retirement, that UN should not have left Vanni, the LTTE de-facto government of Tamil Eelam at that critical moment. This gave the greatest and rarest opportunity to the fascist regime of Rajapakse to ethic cleanse their rival Tamils at their own free will giving vent to all sorts of human rights violation at the whims and fancy of the racialist Sinhalese masses.

This is how International Crisis Group war crimes report described the wilful genocide of the Sinhalese military “Starting in late January [2009], the government and security forces encouraged hundreds of thousands of civilians to move into ever smaller government-declared No Fire Zones (NFZs) and then subjected them to repeated and increasingly intense artillery and mortar barrages and other fire. This continued through May despite the government and security forces knowing the size and location of the civilian population and scale of civilian casualties.

“The security forces shelled hospitals and makeshift medical centres—many overflowing with the wounded and sick—on multiple occasions even though they knew of their precise locations and functions. During these incidents, medical staff, the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and others continually informed the government and security forces of the shelling, yet they continued to strike medical facilities through May…” When all the genocide were over the remaining war wearied Tamil population from the so called “No Fire Zones” that ironically turned out to be “Free Fire Zone” were herded into concentration camps that were appropriately described by the U.S.’s choice for secretary-general of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon. He was displeased with these camps when he made a brief visit to one shortly after the war’s end and grunted “I have travelled around the world and visited similar places, but this is by far the most appalling scenes I have seen…I sympathize fully with all of the displaced persons”.

With all this melancholy the UN did not initiate a Nuremberg style trial for Rajapakse and other racist Sinhalese just because democratic counties like US, UK, Canada, Australia and the EU thought that a genocide did not take place in the island due to propaganda by well-paid western media agencies like Bell Pottinger etc for the Sinhala government. Now they had been awakened by HR activists and the Channel 4 media experts. With due hardship a genuine HR activist and a Sinhalese Dr Jude Fernando managed to organise a PPT in Dublin. The finding of the Tribunal is produced below for those who still believe that they can induce the perpetrator of genocide Mr Rajapakse to investigate himself and deliver justice to the Tamils. There are too much of implications in allowing a perpetrator to investigate himself. And it is doubly foolish to let him whitewash his crimes.

Dr Jude Fernando HR Activist

The LLRC report that Sri-Lanka produced following UN intervention due to world pressure is an example of how things should not be done in inquiring war crimes. The UN gave Rajapaksa a chance to escape from the sinful act of genocide but the report totally denied any misdeeds by the Sinhala government. What a farce?

“Summing up the facts established before this Tribunal by reports from NGOs, victims’ testimony, eye-witnesses accounts, expert testimony and journalistic reports, we are able to distinguish three different kinds of human rights violations committed by the Sri Lankan Government from 2002 (the beginning of the CFA) to the present:

    • Forced “disappearances” of targeted individuals from the Tamil population;
    • Crimes committed in the re-starting of the war (2006-2009), particularly during the last months of the war:
    • Bombing civilian objectives like hospitals, schools and other non-military targets;
    • Bombing government-proclaimed ‘safety zones’ or ‘no fire zones’;
    • Withholding of food, water, and health facilities in war zones;
    • Use of heavy weaponry, banned weapons and air-raids;
    • Using food and medicine as a weapon of war;
    • The mistreatment, torture and execution of captured or surrendered LTTE combatants, officials and supporters;
    • Torture;
    • Rape and sexual violence against women;
    • Deportations and forcible transfer of individuals and families;
    • Desecrating the dead;
    • Human rights violations in the IDP camps during and after the end of the war:
    • Shooting of Tamil citizens and LTTE supporters;
    • Forced disappearances;
    • Rape;
    • Malnutrition; and
    • Lack of medical supplies”

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