Conservative MP Questions Government on Human Rights of Tamil Community

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Ottawa, ON – Garnett Genuis, Deputy Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, issued the following statement after requesting information on what the Liberal government has done to promote human rights in the Tamil community and other minority communities in Sri Lanka through the reframed Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusions:

“The previous Conservative government worked hard to promote principal-based foreign policy and human rights as a priority. Unfortunately, since the Trudeau government came to power, it’s not at all clear what, if anything, the reframed Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion has done to actually promote the human rights of communities like those in Sri Lanka that face discrimination and increasing human rights concerns.

“During the last election, the Liberals made a specific commitment to support justice and reconciliation in Sri Lanka following terrible crimes committed at the end of the civil war and in light of ongoing human rights concerns for the Tamil community today. Instead of acting, the Liberals cancelled the office of religious freedom, undercutting existing initiatives to promote pluralism and human rights, and their new office has been completely absent on this. Why has the government failed to take any concrete action to implement its commitment with respect to human rights in Sri Lanka?”

The Government has 45 days to provide an answer.


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