"LTTE's cease-fire offer, opportunistic" - A response to Minister Kadirgamar

Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar is a man with an unholy mission. His mission is to act as the gravedigger doing all the dirty work for his paymasters. Many are unaware of the fact that Kadirgamar came to politics through fortuitous circumstances. He was cooling his heels in Geneva practicing law before he was picked up by Chandrika Kumaratunga. We suppose she did this more for his name than his brains.

Although Kadirgamar bears a Tamil name, he for all intents and purposes is a de-nationalized Tamil not conversant in his mother tongue. Having said that there is no doubt Kadirgamar has proved himself an excellent Minister conducting a virulent Goebelsian style propaganda war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. In this respect he behaves more like a Minister of Propaganda for President Chandrika than Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In his latest ranting and railing against the LTTE, Minister Kadirgamar has given a lengthy interview to the government controlled newspaper Daily News (January 05, 2001). As usual, and as to be expected, Kadirgamar has resorted to baseless accusations liberally laced with innuendoes and diatribes to suit his slanted political agenda, un-becoming of a Minister of state. It is said that those who sling mud at others lose ground! This is very true of Kadirgarmar.

Now let us briefly look at the burden of his ‘arguments’ and accusations against the LTTE, which spearheads the National liberation struggle of the Tamil people.

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