Executions in Batticaloa town: 11 people killed

Place: Batticaloa | Courtesy: TIC
| Date: 19860919

After seven Sri Lankan policemen were wounded on 19 September 1986 in an attack blamed on Tamil guerrillas, Police Commandos of the Special Task Force (STF) went on a rampage in the town in Batticaloa district.

They went to a private tutory and shot at the students. A 67-year old workman of St. Anthony s Church was shot dead. Several van drivers were shot and their bodies burnt with their vehicles.

At least 11, possibly 18, civilians were killed and several others injured.

Names of Killed Age From
Sunderarajah 15 Koolavady
Sivanesarasa 27 Pullumalai
Panchalingam 20 Puliyadikuda
Ravindran 19 Sathurukkondan
Ponnuthurai 37 Kottaikallaru
Bartlett 1 1/2 Batticaloa
James Jeyakumar 17 Selvanagar
Rajendram 18 Selvanagar
Arulanandam 22 Selvanagar
Suppiah 40 Selvanagar
Amirthalingam 35 Selvanagar
Nallaratnam 42 Selvanagar
Unidentified Woman    
Names of Injured Age  
Rev. Fr. Ananthan 37  
Luxmy 15  
Sinnathamby 65  
Nathan 16  
Soosaipillai 40  
Sirisena 28  
Lingarajah 29  
Jesuthasan 43  
Nagalingam 35  
Rajendran 15  
Names of Missing Age  
Thayaparan 20  
Rajeswaran 18  
Sivaseelan 28  
Cheran 26  
Panchayuthan 30  
Sivakumar 20  
Vijayan 20  
  The Bishop of Batticaloa and Trincomalee the Revd. Kingsley Swampillai, in a letter to Sri Lankan President Jayawardene said:

"Terrorism should not be welcome in any form."

"It is the duty of the security forces to provide protection to the people. They are paid by the state exchequer from the taxes levied from the people. Those very forces are killing the people without remorse or pity and this is a cause for censure."

"Three days ago (19 September) the security forces in a 'gunning spree' killed 18 innocent people in Batticaloa town.

A worker attached to the Church of St. Anthony's was individually downed by bullets.

Aerial bombing, bullet spraying have been undertaken by security forces under the cloak of security. The hapless victims in this type of action have been innocent civilians.

It is, therefore, necessary that suitable action acceptable to all be formulated to bring an end to these inhuman acts."