SL Police massacre of Tamil civilians in East

Place: East | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970928

Sinhalese police of Amparai's Central Camp station together with some muslim homeguards stormed the 4th Colony Tamil village randomly killing Tamil civilians and torching over 45 homes.

So far, 7 dead bodies of Tamils have been discovered - only 5 of which could be identified - and there are likely to be more discoveries as time passes. 20 other Tamil civilians were critically injured in the police rampage, which also caused the 4th Colony's entire population to take flight to safer areas. Bodies of dead people were set on fire by the Sinhalese police. The actual numbers of dead and severely wounded has not yet been ascertained. The identified dead bodies are as follows:
Velupillai Packiaraja of 4th Colony
Ponniah Sathasivam of 4th Colony
Velliakuddy Suntharalingam of Veeramunai
Kanapathipillai Kumaraswamy of 4th Colony
Kumaraswamy Thankanayaaki of 4th Colony