SL Government forces kill 7 Tamil civilians in aerial raids

Place: Vanni | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19971013

Sinhalese forces have killed seven Tamil civilians in aerial raids in Vanni. At midday yesterday, two Kfir warplanes circled the sprawling Vanni looking for likely civilian targets. They dropped six massive bombs on the Tamil civilian habitations of Oddusuddan-Peraru, killing six women and a man. Six died on the spot, reduced instantly to flesh and bones. The seventh person died on the way to hospital. Inspired by its new-found western patron, Sri Lanka is indulging in renewed bouts of state terrorism.

Below are the victims:
Sinnathurai Selvarasa (44), Valvetithurai and Peraru.
Selvarasa Latha (20), Valvetithurai and Peraru.
Karupaiah Mariyaji (42), Valvetithurai and Peraru.
Ramareiyar Yoothimani (39), Valvetithurai and Peraru (Oddusuddan).
Palaniyandi Siddu (42), Puliyankulam and Peraru (Oddusuddan).
Muthaiya Selamma (50), Muthaiyan Kaddu (left side).
Rasentheram Indra (35), Urumparai, Yokapuram and Peraru (Oddusuddan).