Ceasefire monitors strafed in Jaffna - 14 killed

Place: Jaffna | Courtesy: TIC
| Date: 19860104

On 4 January 1986, the Sri Lankan government appointed "Committee for Monitoring Cessation of Hostilities (CMCH) was to visit Jaffna city to hear evidence from Citizens Committees and individuals about alleged excesses by the security forces. The venue was to be Hotel Ashok located in the centre of Jaffna city.

At about 8am, Sri Lankan military helicopters swooped in the vicinity of the hotel, and strafed the area. Five persons, including a woman were killed instantly and 21 seriously wounded.

In view of the incident, Jaffna city was deserted and the CMCH abandoned its plans to hold hearing that day and announced that it would hold hearings the following day - 5 January 1986.

However, in the afternoon of 5 January, Jaffna city was subjected to artillery fire from the Sri Lankan army camp in the Jaffna Fort, and strafed by Sri Lankan helicopters.

Nine more people were killed and about 70 injured in the indiscriminate attacks.