Nedunkerny massacre - 16 killed

Place: Nedunkerny | Courtesy: TIC
| Date: 19860320

At least 16 Tamil civilians, including women and old-age pensioners were killed by troops in the morning of 20 March 1986 during a cordon and ‘search operation’ carried out by the Sri Lankan army in Eeddimurichchan at Nedunkerny, about 26 miles from Vavuniya.

According to eye-witnesses, hundreds of soldiers dressed in black uniforms moved in on the previous day, surrounded the village and set fire to scores of houses, looted shops and as people began to flee, fired indiscriminately at them.

The army operation continued until the following day.

Of the victims, five were burnt inside a shop which was set a light. The troops took away the dead bodies. The victims ranged from a 25 year old woman to a 60 year old man.

As customary, the Ministry of National Security claimed the dead were "terrorists".