Fishermen massacred by Navy - 31 civilians killed

Place: Mandaitivu, Jaffna | Courtesy: TIC
| Date: 19860610

On 10 June 1986, about 31 Tamil fishermen, aged between 13 and 62 set out from Gurunagar, Jaffna at about 5am in a boat named "Thuya Oli" (Holy Light).

Near Mandaitivu island, they were attacked by Sri Lankan Navy personnel and thirty were massacred. One escaped.

The Magistrate who held the inquest (Inquest No. 9388) on 26 June 1986, while returning a verdict of homicide, held that "it is conclusive that the persons who attacked and killed the fishermen were men wearing black uniforms who arrived in Navy vessels."

According to the medical evidence led at the inquest, all the fishermen had died of multiple injuries to various parts of the anatomy due to machine gunfire.