Puliyankulam Hospital Bombed To A Halt

Place: Puliyankulam | Courtesy: TamilCanadian
| Date: 19970509

Sri Lankan forces on Sunday morning bombed Puliyankulam hospital and surrounding homes killing at least three Tamil civilians. Two MI24 helicopter gunships arrived in the morning and targeted shops, homes and other residential buildings. The hospital has been badly damaged to the point where it cannot function.

Beds, medicines and other facilities have been destroyed. This is the second Tamil hospital to be targeted by the Sri Lankan military this month. The hospital's director, Mrs Thilakavathi Gopalaratnam, has pleaded with the Vanni government agent to urgently relocate the hospital but nothing has resulted. The routine terrorising of Tamils in their own homeland continues unabated - and on a daily basis - despite the government's attempt to imply a lull in military activities. With a government ban on journalists to the northeast still in place the full extent of the suffering being inflicted against the Tamils goes unreported. The three civilians killed are - Arumugam Karupiah, Panchalingam (45) and Thirunavkarasu (45).

AFTERMATH OF PULIYANKULAM HOSPITAL BOMBING After Sunday's savage airforce assault on Puliyankulam hospital the building is in ruins. One entire hospital wing is gutted and all medical stocks have been destroyed. It appears the Sri Lankan military has been ordered to directly target hospitals in an effort to disrupt medical relief to the Tamil population and thereby facilitate Sri Lanka's military invasion of the northeast. Heavy rains, meanwhile, have resumed and rain water is reported to be flooding much of the hospital's premises.