Many Civilians Killed In "Jaya Sikuru" Says Govt. Agent

Place: Vanni | Courtesy: TamilCanadian
| Date: 19970810

Mullaitivuâs government representative (GA) says Tamil civilian casualties so far in Sri Lankaâs Jaya Sikuru offensive are heavy. He says in his latest monthly report to Colombo that 40 innocent Tamils have lost their lives and that 35 Tamil people have been seriously injured between May 13 and June 28. These casualties are the result of army and airforce strikes on populated civilian centres. The GA«s report is currently on the presidential desk. Below is the reportâs breakdown of figures:

ODDUSUDDAN 18 civilians killed 15 civilians wounded NEDUNKERNI 13 civilians killed 16 civilians wounded MANKULAM 9 civilians killed 4 civilians wounded