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October 17, 1998
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Navy sailors rape teenager
Three Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) personnel abducted and raped 16 year old school girl from Arasady road in Vaddukoddai, 9 km. north.west of Jaffna centre, on Saturday October 17 around 9.30 p.m, said sources there. [ Full Story ]
October 9, 1998
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
'Jayasikurui' affects 15000 school children - union
At least 70 schools in the Vanni region have been either destroyed or closed down due to the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)'s ongoing 'Operation Jayasikurui', said the teachers union in Karathuraippattu, Kilinochchi district. [ Full Story ]
July 8, 1998
Place: Mullaitivu

Source: LTTE press release
Child die in hospital due to lack of medicine
An eight-year old boy, M Kiriraj, bitten by a dog yesterday died of rabies in Puthukudiyiruppu hospital (Mullaitivu) as there was no anti-rabies vaccine available. Few days earlier, another Tamil baby, 3-year old Sujeevan from near by Sivanagar, also died of rabies after being bitten by a dog. The Sinhalese government since 1990 has banned food and medicine to the Tamil region. [ Full Story ]
May 8, 1998
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: TamilNet, May 08, 1998
SLA recruiting children - Opposition leader
"The security forces are campaigning in schools, to encourage 15 year old school children to join the army. When I comment on this, they call me a traitor. If it is so, is Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar also a traitor, who is campaigning in foreign countries saying that LTTE is recruiting children to their forces?", asked Opposition Leader Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe in the parliament yesterday. [ Full Story ]
February 1, 1998
Place: Tampalakamam

Source: Amnesty
Amnesty deplores killing of 8 Tamil civilians by Government forces
The recent report that eight Tamil civilians, including three teenagers , were deliberately shot at close range by police and home guards at Tampalakamam on 1 February is deplorable, Amnesty International declared. [ Full Story ]
October 12, 1997
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilCanadian
60,000 Tamil Children In Vanni Denied Right To School
Sinhalese military activities in Tamil Eelam are devastating the lives of thousands of Tamil children. The Sinhalese government denies the entry of medicines to Vanni, it blocks the transport of properly nutritious food to children and it conducts military operations which have displaced youngsters in their tens of thousands. [ Full Story ]
July 2, 1997
Place: Mankulam

Source: TamilCanadian
Tamil School Bombed - Two Children Critical
Low-flying Sri Lankan Kfir jets struck at a Tamil school in Munrumurippu Palapani (Mankulam) today. Bombs and rockets blasted the building which was also housing displaced people. The attack which took place at 7.30 am has critically injured two Tamil girls. One girl is Muniandy Nirmalaranee, the other has not yet been identified. The incident resembles one which occurred during the government's recent operation to occupy Jaffna. On that occasion dozens of school children were killed at a place called Nargakoil and foreign aid workers on the ground confirmed the tragedy. Sri Lanka continues such assaults on civilians with impunity. [ Full Story ]
March 13, 1997
Place: Valaichchenai

Source: TamilNet
6 Tamil refugees killed in shelling
Six Tamil refugees huddled inside the Valaichchenai refugee camp in Batticaloa have been struck and killed by shellfire from Valaichchenai police station. [ Full Story ]
January 11, 1997
Place: Tamil Eelam

Source: South China Morning Post
150 Tamil women and children raped
" Human rights activists claim more than 150 women, mostly minority Tamils, were raped by police and armed forces personnel last year. [ Full Story ]
July 24, 1996
Place: Mallavi, Vanni

Source: Local Media
7 Tamil civilians killed another 20 injured
At least 7 civilians including a 3 year old child and women were killed and more than 20 people injured when the Sri Lankan Air Force bomebrs bombed the heavily populated Mallavi junction in vanni. [ Full Story ]
March 16, 1996
Place: Nachchikuda

Source: AP
Seventeen Tamil civilians, mostly children killed
Seventeen Tamil civilians, mostly children and the aged were killed by Sri Lanka helicopter gunships on 16 March 1996 in the village of Nachchikuda in the East. About sixty were seriously injured. The affected people had earlier fled Jaffna when their homes came under military attack during the time the Sri Lankan armed forces launched a military offensive to capture Jaffna from October 1995 to December 1995. Particulars of the 16 killed, released by official sources in Nachchikuda were: [ Full Story ]
February 11, 1996
Place: Kumarapuram

Source: Collection
Kumarapuram Massacres: 24 civilians killed!
Sri-Lankan troops from the 57th mile post near kilivetti massacred 24 Tamil civilians and severely injured 28 others following the killing of two of their colleagues in combat with the LTTE. Four succumbed to their injuries and later died in hospital. One of those killed was a heavily pregnant woman. 17 year old A. Thanalakshmi was gang raped by soldiers before being killed. Among those killed were seven children under the age of 12, the youngest being 3 years old. Troops had prevented the injured from being taken away for medical treatment until 9.30 the following morning. [ Full Story ]
October 16, 1990
Place: Semmalai, Mullaitivu

Source: Local Media
At least 7 people killed
At 4a.m 7 refugee boats set out from Thiriyai in Trincomalee to Mullaitivu in the north. The boats were attacked by Naval gun boats. One refugee boat drowned. 4 men, 2 women and a small boy died. One man has escaped by swimming to the shore. The fate of other 6 boats are not known. [ Full Story ]
October 7, 1990
Place: Vantharumulai, Amparai

Source: Local Media
52 Tamil civilians were killed
At least 52 Tamil civilians including several women and children were killed by Sri Lankan military personnel in Vantharumulai, Amparai. 40 dead bodies of men and women were found inside the wells in the area around Vantharumulai University refugee camp. Those who went to their villages from the refugee camp to see their houses and have bath have been killed and thrown into the wells. The bodies had deep wounds inflicted by knives. The bodies of young women bore the marks of been raped. After the refugees evacuated the Vandarumulai University refugee camp, 12 dead bodies of Tamil civilians were found inside the University premises. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 24, 1990
Place: Puthukudirupu, Batticoloa

Source: Local Media
16 Tamil civilians were hacked to death
16 Tamil civilians including children and women were hacked to death by STF(Special Task Force) commandoes along with Muslim homeguards in Puthukudirupu, Batticoloa. Another at least 17 people were injured. [ Full Story ]
August 18, 1990
Place: Veeramunai

Source: Local Media
91 Tamil civilians were massacred
Sinhala homeguards supported by the Sri lankan soldiers entered into this village and massacred 91 Tamil civilians, which includes several children under the age of 15 and women. More than 125 people were injured in this brutual incident. [ Full Story ]
August 18, 1990
Place: Sorikalmunai

Source: Local Media
20 Tamil civilians were killed
20 Tamil civilians were killed in this village by Muslim home guards. Tem of them were shot and killed. Another ten were children below the age of 5 months killed in a brutal manner. Their heads were smashed to a Temple wall. These killings were carried out by Muslim homeguards. [ Full Story ]
January 25, 1986
Place: Kilinochchi

Source: TIC
Kilinochchi railway station massacre - 12 killed
At least twelve Tamil civilians were shot and killed and several others injured on 25 January 1986 as Sri Lankan soldiers fired indiscriminately at about 75 passengers waiting to biard a train at Kilinochchi railway station. The dead included four women and two children.

Source: TIC - Extrajudicial and Arbitrary killings, Jan 1987; p33 [ Full Story ]