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January 19, 2001
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
SLA demolishes homes in Jaffna suburbs
The Sri Lanka army has demolished more than three hundred homes in the southwestern coastal suburbs of Jaffna town to construct large military facilities, said residents who visited the area this week. An official of a local NGO who went to inspect his home in Colombuthurai told TamilNet that coconut plantations in these suburbs were also destroyed. [ Full Story ]
October 19, 1999
Place: Mannar

Source: TamilNet
Soldiers on rampage
Sri Lanka Army soldiers went on rampage in Vankalai in the Mannar district, burning five houses, two boathouses and five boat engines last night said sources there. Several civilians were also assaulted by the troops the sources added. [ Full Story ]
May 7, 1998
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
42 Tamil homes levelled in Jaffna
The Sri Lankan occupation forces have demolished 42 Tamil dwellings in Illavali, Siruvilan and Peruvilan (all in Jaffna) to make the land flat to carry out their army parades. Trees have also been knocked down and drinking water wells filled up for the same purpose. [ Full Story ]
April 8, 1998
Place: Valigamam

Source: TamilNet
81,000 Tamil homes in Valigamam damaged by SL forces
Jaffna's Peace and Justice Committe has said 81,000 Tamil homes in Valigamam (Jaffna) have lately been damaged by the Sinhalese armed forces. [ Full Story ]
April 6, 1998
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Army destroyed Tamil homes and temple
The occupying Sinhalese armed forces have destroyed Tamil homes and all other buildings in army-occupied Thellipalai and Keerimalai (Jaffna) and damaged the historic Keerimalai Naguleswarar Hindu Temple. The Tamils who visited the Hindu temple for the recent Sivarathiri festival, have reported the destruction. [ Full Story ]
March 26, 1998
Place: Vattakkachchi

Source: Collection
Vattakkachchi & Periyakulam Massacre: 8 killed!
Eight civilians, including a school girl, were killed and many were wounded when Sri Lankan Air Force Kfir jets bombed Vattakkachchi and Periyakulam east of Paranthan on 23 March 1998 around 8.30 a.m. A 50-year old woman identified as Sellammah was blown to smithereens as a 250kg high explosive bomb exploded on her house, according to local residents. Residents said that only a few pieces of the saree she was wearing were found on a nearby tree. [ Full Story ]
March 4, 1998
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
SL Forces uprooted upto 200,000 cocunut trees
Occupying Sinhalese armed forces have destroyed over 200,000 coconut trees in occupied Jaffna. A report says the trees have been destroyed since 1995. The trees have mainly been used for army bunkers or cut down to satisfy the military's security interests. [ Full Story ]
November 15, 1997
Place: Mankulam

A church and several houses destroyed by SLAF bombings
The Sri Lankan Air force Kfir jets had bombarded the areas of Mankulam! A church was heavily damaged and several houses were destroyed in the Kfir attack. Source: Local Media [ Full Story ]
October 5, 1997
Place: off Karainagar , Jaffna

Source: Local Media
Navy attacks refugee boat: 13 Killed
The Sri Lankan navy attacked a boat load of refugees sailing from Mulankavil, Mannar to the Jaffna peninsula off the Karainagar coast, sinking it and drowning 13 Tamil civilians. Six of the civilians who died in the boat were from Eevinai, two were from Kayts and the rest were from Erlalai. Shortly afterwards, the Sri Lankan military claimed that 3 boats belonging to Tamil guerrillas had been sunk in the region. [ Full Story ]
October 2, 1997
Place: off Mullaitivu coast

Source: Local Media
Navy attacks fishing boats off Mullaitivu coast
Fast Attack Craft (FACs) of the Sri Lankan Navy approached and attacked a group of fishing boats off the Mullaitivu coast, destroying at least five boats and damaging 20 others. At least 8 Tamil fishermen went missing during the attack. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 28, 1997
Place: East

Source: TamilNet
SL Police massacre of Tamil civilians in East
Sinhalese police of Amparai's Central Camp station together with some muslim homeguards stormed the 4th Colony Tamil village randomly killing Tamil civilians and torching over 45 homes. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 23, 1997
Place: 4th Colony, Amparai

Massacres in 4th Colony, Amparai
Over 50 Sri Lankan policemen and Home Guards attacked the 4th Colony village in the Amaparai district on 23 September 1997, shooting Tamil civilians and burning houses. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 14, 1997
Place: Valaichchenai

Source: TamilNet
SL Troops destro 227 civiliasn dwellings in 8 months
In the eastern region of Valaichchenai alone Sri Lankan troops have destroyed vast numbers of Tamil civilian dwellings, a new report says. In just 8 months - between January and August this year - troops have destroyed 227 homes in the region. 96 of these homes are beyond repair, the report says. In addition to houses, troops have scorched 27 grocery stores after misappropriating goods. Troops have put around 55 civilians to death, permanently handicapped 112 and 'disappeared' a fair number. [ Full Story ]
August 10, 1997
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
Sinhala military burns down 14 Tamil houses
A Sinhala army patrol last week set fire to 14 Tamil houses in Mailankurichchi (Valaichchenai, Batticaloa) for no apparent reason. The houses were torched with all valuables still inside after the Tamil occupants were driven out of their homes at gunpoint. A few more houses were partially burnt. Unrest and panic prevails in and around the area, with residents fearing more such attacks. [ Full Story ]
August 10, 1997
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilCanadian
Sinhala Military Burns Down 14 Tamil Houses
A Sinhala army patrol last week set fire to 14 Tamil houses in Mailankurichchi (Valaichchenai, Batticaloa) for no apparent reason. The houses were torched with all valuables still inside after the Tamil occupants were driven out of their homes at gunpoint. A few more houses were partially burnt. Unrest and panic prevails in and around the area, with residents fearing more such attacks. [ Full Story ]
August 6, 1997
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Sri Lankan planes bomb Hundreds of cattles
Hundreds of cattle were killed in Vanni on Monday when Sri Lankan Kfir warplanes dropped bombs on a Tamil town. The attack took place at 8:30am.Several animals had their limbs broken and were suffering immense pain so their owner -- Mr. Selvam -- was forced to kill them. There are no veterinary facilities in the Vanni due to the Sri Lankan government's medical blockade. [ Full Story ]
July 12, 1997
Place: Batticoloa

Source: TamilNet
90,000 Tamil houses destroyed by military action in Batticoloa
Over the years an estimated 90,000 Tamil homes have been demolished by Sri Lanka's Sinhala military forces. Of these, some 70,000 home-owners have not been compensated in any way. [ Full Story ]
June 0, 1997
Place: Batticaloa -

Source: British Refugee Council
Sri Lanka army shells refugee camp in Batticaloa - killed civilians
A shell fired at the Peithlai refugee camp killed 15 year-old Nadarasa Premavathy in mid-June. Indiscriminate shelling by security forces has caused many deaths. In a letter to President Kumaratunge, Batticaloa MP K Thurairajasingham says that the Army shelled Puthukudyiruppu on 2 June following a LTTE attack in Karuvakerni, killing a woman, injuring 18 others and damaging 50 houses. [ Full Story ]
May 13, 1997
Place: Jaffna

At least 56,000 Tamil houses gutted when Jaffna was invaded
No less than 56,000 Tamil homes were wrecked by the Sinhala military when it captured Jaffna, according to Sri Lanka's government agent for the region. [ Full Story ]
May 13, 1997
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilCanadian
56,000 Tamil Houses Gutted When Jaffna Was Invaded
No less than 56,000 Tamil homes were wrecked by the Sinhala military when it captured Jaffna, according to Sri Lanka's government agent for the region. Combined air, sea and land attacks contributed to the overall damage to property in what was a callous "Broad Front" military assault on areas known in advance to be densely-populated. Aid to repair Jaffna was continually promised to Tamils there but it is now clear this was a tactic to sustain foreign backing. In fact, no relief of any kind has manifested. All money intended for rehabilitation is usurped by the massive Sri Lankan military machine occupying the Tamil homeland. Desperate Tamil civilians living in gutted houses are attempting their own repairs but the exercise is futile - the little cement available in Jaffna sells at extortionate prices. [ Full Story ]
February 0, 1997
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Tamil cultivable lands and crops destroyed b Sri Lanka troops
The Sri Lankan army is making use of the harvest season to disrupt Tamil rice cultivation. Armoured vehicles and tanks are being driven through well- tended fields in parts of Batticaloa and Vanni destroying months of hard labour and leading to food shortages. The army also burns crops as it passes.
- Tamilnet News Report 9 February 1997 [ Full Story ]
January 6, 1997
Place: Batticaloa

Source: News from Tamil Eelam
Casualities from 'Operation Rivigaya'
Sri Lankan soldiers shot dead at least two Tamil civilians during its recently concluded 'Rivijaya' military operation. Victim S. Muthulingam was a 14 year old while Thambirasa Kanthasamy was 32, both from Kithul. Family man Sabapathy Mylvaganam meanwhile disappeared during the operation and is believed by his family to have been murdered by Sinhala armed forces. Operation Rivijaya took place in Batticaloa and, like all other Sri Lankan military operations, showed no regard for the lives and property of the Tamil people. 16 Tamil houses were demolished and 100 Tamil families are reported displaced. Further civilian casualties are coming to light and will be documented when details are known. [ Full Story ]
December 15, 1996
Place: Batticaloa

Source: Local Media
Four civilians in a school killed by SLAF
SLAF aircraft destroy a school in Pavatkodichenai, Batticaloa, killing 4 civilians. The school was badly damaged. [ Full Story ]
June 0, 1996
Place: Tamil Eelam

Sri Lanka uses food and medicine as weapons of war
"JAFFNA hospital Director Mrs N Kanagaratnam says that health facilities must be upgraded urgently in all areas of the peninsula to prevent diseases such as malaria, typhoid and diarrhoea. Damage to the Jaffna hospital has been estimated at over Rs 50 million ($1 million). The hospital lacks medicines. There are no surgeons and major surgeries are still conducted at Palaly military base. Only around 650 of the 1,200 employees of the hospital have returned to work. [ Full Story ]
March 16, 1996
Place: Nachchikkuda

Source: AP
Nachchikkuda Massacre: 17 civilians killed
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) Sri Lankan helicopters fired on a group of Tamil refugees, killing 16 civilians, Tamil rebels said today. The army put the number of dead at 30, and said they were all rebels. [ Full Story ]
January 7, 1994
Place: Thondamanaru

Thondamanaru strafed by helicopters
At about 10 a.m. there were helicopter strafing at Thondamanru in the Vadamartchy area. The Veerakathipllai school was attacked. The children and teachers escaped without injuries but the school building was damaged. Heli attacks also took place in Navandil, Udupiddy, Valvettiturai, Putur and Avarangal villages on 7 January. [ Full Story ]
January 7, 1994
Place: Atchuvely

Source: Network
Atchuvely Maha Vidyalayam attacked
At about 11 a.m. on Friday, 7 January 1994, a Sri Lankan helicopter fired many rounds from 50 calibre guns on the Atchuvely Maha Vidyalayam. The school was in session at the time of the attack. As the helicopter launched its attack, there was pandemonium - students and teachers ran to find shelter. Many of the school buildings were damaged. A bullet pierced the leg of a GCE (0/L) girl student named M.Rameenarani. She was taken to the Jaffna Hospital.(Network, published by the International Federation of Tamils, January 1994) [ Full Story ]
December 31, 1993
Place: Manal Aru

Kumilamunai was bombed
At about 10.15 a.m. on Friday, 31 December 1993, a Sri Lanka Air Force Argentine made Puccaro bomber dropped four bombs on Kumilamunai in the Manal Aru area. A young woman, Sutsuthananthy was killed on the spot. Two houses were razed to the ground. [ Full Story ]
December 28, 1993
Place: Manal Aru

Manal Aru village was bombed!
At about 8.40 a.m on Monday, 28 December 1993, two Sri Lanka Airforce bombers dropped five bombs in Alampil, a village in the Manal Aru area. Five houses were damaged. The Multi Purpose Coop Society building was completely destroyed. Siyamani Komala (aged 4) and her brother Siyamani Theepan (aged 12) were killed. Another young girl Priya (aged 18) was also killed by the attack. Siyamani Jayaranjani (aged 8), a sister of the deceased Komala and Theepan, and who was taken to the Killinochchi Hospital, later succumbed to her injuries and died. [ Full Story ]
November 26, 1993
Place: Kokuvil

Sri Ramakrishna Saratha Ladies College bombed!
Sri Lankan supersonic jet targeted the Sri Ramakrishna Saratha Ladies College in Kokuvil. The Vice Principal of the school , Mrs. T.Sri Pathmanathan, a teacher and some students, six in all, were injured. The Science laboratory was damaged. The Principal of the college told reporters that when the sound of the plane was heard, the teachers and children rushed out of the school building to take shelter underneath nearby trees. The teachers and students who were the last to rush out were injured. Two other houses were also badly damaged! [ Full Story ]
November 14, 1993
Place: Varany

Vairavar Temple at Varany bombed!
On the evening of 14 November, the Sri Lanka airforce attacked the Vairavar Temple at Varany. The temple was completely destroyed. Seven persons were injured. A number of houses were also damaged. [ Full Story ]
December 10, 1990
Place: Kovilkulam, vavuniya

Source: Local Media
9 Tamil civilians were killed, peoperties damaged
The Sri Lankan Army rampaged the village, killed nine Tamil villagers, burnt 7 houses and threw the dead bodies into the flames. [ Full Story ]
October 28, 1990
Place: Pandatharippu, Jaffna

Source: Local Media
Four tamil civilians were killed
At 6:30a.m aerial bombardment was made on a residential road junction. The details of the dead are. 1. Mrs. Thurairaja Pakkiam age 53 from Sithankerni. 2. Suppiah Jeyananthan age 35 Sankanai West. he was a proprietor of a cycle shop. 3. Shanmugam Kanagaratnam age 60 from Kollankaladi, Ampanai, a retired teacher. 4. Tharmapala Wimaruban, age 15. 2 seriously injured. Three houses of mrs. Sarojini, Mrs. Amirthalingam and Mrs. Anandaraja were destroyed. On the same another woman Rasiah Thangamany aged 65 of kulakarai veethi was killed by aerial bombardment. 2 houses were destroyed. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 16, 1990
Place: Jaffna peninsula

Source: Local Media
28 Tamil civilians were killed, over 60 injured
At least 28 Tamil civilians were killed and over 60 injured by continuous night bombardments by Sri Lankan Airforce bombers all over the Jaffna peninsula. Another more than 60 civilians were injured. Several buildings and other properties were badly damaged. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 13, 1990
Place: Jaffna Peninsula

Source: Local Media
28 Tamil civilians killed by bombing
Indiscriminate bombing for the last four days in the residential areas by airforce planes and helicopters. Bombing continued in the night also. Over sixty civilians were seriously injured. Several buildings were destroyed and houses were goted by fire. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 0, 1990
Place: Udupiddi, Jaffna

Source: Local Media
A Tamil women was killed by bombers
In the Vadamaradchi area two bomber planes dropped indiscriminately. One bomb fell inside Udipiddi market. One woman was killed and one woman was injured. Four shops and three houses were damaged. [ Full Story ]
August 21, 1990
Place: Jaffna peninsula

Source: Local Media
25 Tamil civilians were killed
About 25 Tamil civilians were killed when the Sri Lankan airforce flights bombed the area. Several buildings and other properties were badly damaged. [ Full Story ]
January 28, 1987
Place: Kokkaddichcholai

Source: Local Media
Kokkaddichcholai massacres: over 150 Tamil civilians killed
On January 28, 1987, over 15 0 Tamil civilians were killed at Kokkaddichcholai during a military operation by members of the Special Task Force who attacked with helicopter gunships and armoured cars. Several houses and other properties belong to the Tamils were also destroyed during this cowardly act. [ Full Story ]
August 16, 1985
Place: Vavuniya

Source: Local Media
200 Tamil civilians killed!
On 16th August, an estimated 200 Tamil people were killed when the Army went on the rampage in Vavuniya, looting and shooting indiscriminately. Several houses and shops were also burnt by the forces! [ Full Story ]
May 18, 1983
Place: Jaffna

Source: Local Media
175 Tamil homes burnt in Jaffna
About 175 Tamil homes burned by the Sri Lankan armed forces and killed a Tamil and wounded others in Thineveley, Jaffna on May 18. [ Full Story ]