175 Tamil homes burnt in Jaffna

Place: Jaffna | Courtesy: Local Media
| Date: 19830518

About 175 Tamil homes burned by the Sri Lankan armed forces and killed a Tamil and wounded others in Thineveley, Jaffna on May 18.

Tamil militants attacked a polling booth in Jaffna during local government elections in an effort to subvert the elections. Two soldiers died and several were injured.

In retaliation army personnel burned 175 Tamil homes, killed 1 Tamil, and wounded others in Thineveley, Jaffna on May 18.

The Government admitted the security forces' responsibility for the destruction. A senior police official remarked that 'what happened in Jaffna ... is exactly what the terrorists want, they want people to be resentful and embittered with the army." The Government abandoned efforts to discipline those responsible when 40 soldiers from the regiment involved deserted in protest.

Murder is punishable by death both under Sri Lanka's Army Act and its penal code.Culpable homicide carries a maximum sentence of 20 years under both these laws. The Government's failure to prosecute individuals known to have committed punishable offenses conflicts with its legal obligations to prosecute individuals violating the criminal law.The Army Act provides that its provisions for court martial and punishment of offending military personnel do not abrogate civilian criminal court jurisdiction.