Sri Lanka army shells refugee camp in Batticaloa - killed civilians

Place: Batticaloa - | Courtesy: British Refugee Council
| Date: 19970600

A shell fired at the Peithlai refugee camp killed 15 year-old Nadarasa Premavathy in mid-June. Indiscriminate shelling by security forces has caused many deaths. In a letter to President Kumaratunge, Batticaloa MP K Thurairajasingham says that the Army shelled Puthukudyiruppu on 2 June following a LTTE attack in Karuvakerni, killing a woman, injuring 18 others and damaging 50 houses.

Two days later Army shells killed Thambimuthu Annapackiyam at Nasivantivu. A shell exploded inside a school injuring six students. Kayankerni student Thayanithi Kuganesan, 7, was killed by a shell on 11 June.

EPDP leader Douglas Devananda says that Akkaraipatru police fired indiscriminately without provocation injuring a woman and damaging houses. Two young shepherds were killed by a shell at Thirukovil in late June.....

According to statistics compiled by Batticaloa government secretariat, over 2,680 women have been widowed in the district as a result of the war, 1,560 youths have disappeared, 6,400 civilians have been killed and 4,100 wounded. Over 109,000 families have been affected by violence and 92,000 houses damaged... (British Refugee Council Publication, Sri Lanka Monitor, June 1997)