At least 56,000 Tamil houses gutted when Jaffna was invaded

Place: Jaffna | Date: 19970513

No less than 56,000 Tamil homes were wrecked by the Sinhala military when it captured Jaffna, according to Sri Lanka's government agent for the region.

Combined air, sea and land attacks contributed to the overall damage to property in what was a callous "Broad Front" military assault on areas known in advance to be densely-populated. Aid to repair Jaffna was continually promised to Tamils there but it is now clear this was a tactic to sustain foreign backing. In fact, no relief of any kind has manifested. All money intended for rehabilitation is usurped by the massive Sri Lankan military machine occupying the Tamil homeland. Desperate Tamil civilians living in gutted houses are attempting their own repairs but the exercise is futile - the little cement available in Jaffna sells at extortionate prices.