Hospitab bomped as Sri Lanka violates anti-polio cease-fire

Place: Vanni | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19971011

The Sri Lankan government has broken its pledge to UNICEF to observe a cease-fire during the annual anti-polio drive for children.

In Vanni earlier today, it sent Kfir warplanes to carry out bombing of Tamil civilian centres, causing havoc and totally disrupting the administration of anti-polio drops to large numbers of children. The Kfirs also dropped several bombs on the Dr. Ponnampalam medical hospital building, levelling it to the ground. Human casualties are reported. The army has meanwhile carried out artillery attacks on a number of Tamil areas. The places most badly affected were Mallavi, Vavunikulam, Kolvilankulam, Mankulam and Olumadu. In these areas, Tamil mothers who had gathered in assigned places to administer anti-polio drops, fled in terror taking their children with them. Many children therefore could not be immunised. These incidents come in violation of a solemn cease-fire agreement entered into by the government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE under the auspices of UNICEF, which annually conducts a country-wide vaccination programme.