Torture remained a serious problem

Place: Sri Lanka | Courtesy: US report
| Date: 19960000

"Torture remained a serious problem.. Members of the security forces continued to torture and mistreat detainees and other prisoners, both male and female, particularly during interrogation.

Although the number of torture reports was somewhat lower than in previous years in the Colombo area, the situation in Eastern Province did not improve. Torture also emerged as a problem in the newly recaptured Jaffna Peninsula. In November a Supreme Courtjudge stated publicly that torture continued unabated in police stations in spite of a number ofjudicial pronounce- ments against its use. Progovernment Tamil militants in the east and north, directly responsible to the security forces, also engaged in torture...

"Methods of torture included electric shock, beatings (especially on the soles of the feet), suspension by the wrists or feet in contorted positions, burning, near drownings, placing of insecticide, chili powder, or gasoline-soaked bags over the head, and forced positions. Detainees have reported broken bones and other serious injuries as a result of their mistreatment..:' -