Gang Rapes by Sinhala Occupying Army Multiply

Place: - | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19961100

"A young Tamil woman detained along with thousands of other Tamils in Vavuniya has died after being violently gang-raped by eight Sinhala soldiers guarding the camp.

Doctors at Vavuniya hospital say she arrived in a trauma- tised state and passed away while she was being admitted. Such instances of assault have been rising alarmingly especially on young women who are pow- erless in the face of armed Sinhala soldiers answerable to no one. The unfor- tunate victim in this case was one of the 13,000 Tamil travellers forcibly stopped by the army from going to other parts of the island and now imprisoned in un- hygenic detention camps in Vavuniya. - Tamilnet News Report,22 November 1996

"Sri Lankan commandos of the Mansoor Tileworks army camp (Batticaloa) have raped and caused grievous injury to a Tamil woman carrying food to her husband. She was on her way to a paddy field where her husband was working when Sri Lankan STF troops intercepted her, raped her at gun-point then beat her viciously about the body. She is currently undergoing treatment at Batticaloa hospital." - Tamilnet News Report, 4 January 1997

"Sri Lankan soldiers violently raped three Tamil women in Batticaloa. At 3am (January 2nd) troops broke into a Tamil house where a mother, daughter and woman relative were sleeping. The rapes took place at gun-point. Neigh- bours later admitted all three to Valaichenai hospital. The soldiers are mem- bers of the STF, the so-called elite force of the Sri Lankan army. Rapes by the STF are said to be occurring on a regular basis in Sri Lankan-occupied areas. Last week, two incidents were reported in Mandoor, fuelling anxieties that military discipline in occupied territory is rapidly breaking down, especially in Batticaloa. Local Tamil women live in terror of the STF whose recent record of indiscipline is staggering." /I> - Tamilnet News Report,15 January 1997