10 people killed and 45 injured.

Place: Kilaly, Jaffna | Courtesy: Local Media
| Date: 19960420

Sri Lankan government embarks on a military solution, Military offensive code named 'Riviresa Two' launched In an attempt to deny a political solution to the Tamil people and driven by their ambitions to capture Tamil Lands and to subjugate the Tamils, the Sri Lankan Government yesterday launched a new military offensive to capture the Tamil homelands of Thenmaratchi and Vadamaratchi. The Government also gagged the International and Local press by refusing them permission to visit the Tamil areas where the Government has declared a war.

Yesterday the Sri Lankan armed forces while cowardly firing heavy barrages of artillery shells on thickly populated Tamil areas, advanced by mid day to the village of Madduvil near Chavakachcheri in Thenmaratchi, where the LTTE forces stopped their advance any further.

As part of their programme to soften up the area prior to their advance, the Sri Lankan armed forces stationed at the Palali and Elephant pass camps fired artillery shells after artillery shells throughout the day, without any break on the thickly populated areas of Thenmaratchi and Vadamaratchi. In Thenmaratchi, artillery shells rained down on the villages of Madduvil, Kanakanpuliyadi, Sarasalai, Kalvayal and Katkuvil which are all close to the town of Chavakachcheri. In Vadamaratchi, the Sri Lankan armed forces directed their artillery shells on the heavily populated villages of Thikkam, Valvettiturai, Puraporukki. 10 Tamil civilians were killed and 30 civilians were wounded by the Sri Lankan artillery shells and aerial bombardment. Their details are supplied at the end of this report.

An accurate assessment of the dead and injured cannot be made as the artillery shells have been falling every where. Dead bodies are found on the road unattended, while people are fleeing in panic. The Doctors and nurses and staff have left the Chavakachcheri hospital because the area came under intense artillery fire. The patients who were warded in the hospital also have left for safer areas.

Tens of thousands of Tamil civilians have started fleeing their homes to avoid getting massacred by the advancing Sinhala dominated Sri Lankan army. The Tamil civilians who lived in west Thenmaratchi areas and along the coastal belts of Vadamaratchi have been severely battered by this Sri Lankan military assault. A major part of the Tamil population of Thenmaratchchi West have now shifted towards the centre of Thenmaratchchi in their attempt to flee to Vanni, while a huge number of Tamils - a number not seen ever before even during the time of the Sri Lankan offensive on Valigamam during October-December 1995, have already reached the shores of Kilali in the process of fleeing to the relative safety of the Vanni the Tamil mainland.


KILLED (Only five were identified so far out of the ten people who were killed) :

Sinnaththambi Sinnammahfemale 62Peraporikki
Kunasingam Pumathevyfemale--
Sivasuri Senthuranmale19 Thikkam
Angajetselvi female 20 Sarasalai
S. Jokeswarifemale 32Sarasalai


Santhalingam Santhakumar male 29 Kommanthurai
Kanthavanam Suntharalingam male60 Thikkam
Rasakumar male 09 Sivankoviladi, V.V.T
Murukan Nadesan male - -
Mahalingam Indra female 40 Puraporikki
Ganeswari female 40 Puthuvalavu, V.V.T
Mohanathas Mahalingam male - Puraporikki
Kanakaratnam Mathimale 20 Madduvil South
Valipuram Singarasa male 51 Madduvil South
Kunarasa Kunaratnammale 22 Madduvil South
Thampirasa Saraswathy female 44 Madduvil South
Kathiresan Sorna male 18 Sarasalai South
Nadarasa Alageswary female 32 Alvai West
Jegatheesvari female 25 Thikkam
Puspakumari female 25 -
Subramaniam Kandipan male 18 Madduvil North
N. Thavakumar male 40 Manipay
A. Ravikumar male 27 Madduvil
Selvarani female36 Madduvil
E. Annusa female- Kanakampuliyadi, Madduvil
Murkan male 65 Kanakampuliyadi, Madduvil
S. Vithusan male 08 Kanakampuliyadi, Madduvil
S. Thevappillai male 30 Kanakampuliyadi, Madduvil
Atputhamalar male 44 Kanakampuliyadi, Madduvil
Menaka female 15 Kanakampuliyadi, Madduvil
Sayantha female - Kanakampuliyadi, Madduvil
M. Suntharesan male 18 Kanakampuliyadi, Madduvil
Maline female 19 Chavakachcheri
Punaka female 22 Chavakachcheri
Kanaka female 15 Chavakachcheri

Attack on fleeing civilians continues; Dead bodies are lying along the streets In an attempt to trap as much civilians as possible Sri Lankan armed forces are unleashing a terror campaign against the fleeing innocent Tamils civilians in Jaffna peninsula. Large number of human bodies and body parts are lying along the roads leading to Kilali sea shore. Their bicycles tied with their few belongings are also lying beside their dead bodies. A refugee who escaped from Madduvil area and arrived in Kilali sea shore on 22-04-1996 morning said that he saw 3 people dying when shells exploded among a crowd of fleeing civilians during the night of 21-04-1996. He said others quickly buried their mutilated bodies close by and proceeded towards Kilali.