Sri Lanka NGO concerned about safety

Place: Sri Lanka | Courtesy: BBC
| Date: 20000707

The head of the charity, the Save the Children Fund in Sri Lanka, Pauline Taylor-McKeown, has expressed concern about the safety of her staff.

In an interview with the BBC, Mrs McKeown, said her organisation was coming under mounting pressure, partly because of its high-profile campaign, launched last month, which alleged that all children in Sri Lanka are affected by armed conflict.

Last month, a hand grenade was thrown into the charity's compound in the capital, Colombo, and on Thursday, a stone was thrown at one of its vehicles as it travelled through the city.

The BBC correspondent in Colombo says the charity's campaign has outraged some right-wing elements who say it should place more emphasis on the plight of children in areas controlled by Tamil Tiger rebels. Mrs McKeown said another reason why Save the Children is being targetted is because of the presence of the Norwegian branch of the charity in Colombo; Norway is currently trying to mediate between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers.