Uniting Church in Australia condemns genocide

Place: Sri Lanka | Courtesy: (Uniting Church
| Date: 19971031

he New South Wales Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia (General Secretary : Rev Norman D McDonald) resolved on 31 October 1997:
condemn the genocide attack launched by the Sri Lankan Government on the Tamil people

call upon the Government of Sri Lanka to :

Cease all military operations against the Tamil civilian population by withdrawing its occupying forces from the traditional Tamil homeland.

Immediately lift the economic embargo imposed upon the traditional Tamil homeland

Provide humanitarian aid to all victims of war regardless of race and greed and permit free access to international relief agencies to minimize the suffering of an estimated 825,000 displaced Tamils who face starvation, disease and death.

Call upon international community to recognize the right of the Tamil people to self determination and pave the way for talks between the Sri Lankan Government and all those exercising leadership of the Tamil community including the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam so that the two parties to the conflict may agree on structures within which the two peoples in the lsland may live in equality and freedom.

Commit itself to working in solidarity with the people of the island of Sri Lanka living in NSW, specially those disadvantaged and distressed by the situation in their country of orign,

Convey these resolutions to the Australian Government. (formal)

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