Stop bombing exam halls 'A' level students tell Chandrika

Place: Vanni | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970822

'A' level students in Tamil Vanni have written to the Sinhalese president Chandrika Kumaratunga telling her to stop bombing exam halls where she knows Tamil students are sitting for their GCE (A/L) exams.

The 'A' level Exam Candidates Union points out in the letter that exams are unable to function while Sri Lanka's Sinhalese armed forces launch mortars and artillery shells at selected exam sites in Vanni. This bombing has been going on since the exams began on 4th August. The Sinhalese military is aware of the precise location of every 'A' level exam being held in Vanni which means the repeated bombing of schools which are hosting exams cannot be accidental. The Exam Candidates Unionâs letter to Chandrika states: "As a woman of considerable learning who has herself sat exam papers, how can you expect us to answer questions satisfactorily under these circumstances?" It is unlikely the president will respond to the pleas of these students any more than she has responded to any aggrieved Tamil organisations in the north/east.