Shedding tears for Lankan Tamils not a crime: Ramadoss

Place: Tamil Nadu | Courtesy: New Ind Express
| Date: 20000600

ERODE: PMK founder president Dr S Ramadoss has regretted over the attitude of a few that shedding tears for the innocent Lankan Tamils is itself a crime.

Presiding over the 43rd assembly segment wise conference of his party at Kodumudi yesterday, he praised the local MLA Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan for extending some help to Lankan Tamils and said in similar way only, the PMK and MDMK are extending moral support to Lankan Tamils.

He said the blood relationship between Lankan Tamils and Indian Tamils is dates back to over 2000 to 3000 years. In fact, the Tamils ruled that country in yesteryears, but after that the Sinhalese dethrown them and harassed them.

So, the present conflict is a battle of those who lost their lands and rights and those who snatched their freedom. But, unfortunately, we are not in a position to extend medical relief to those injured there or give such succour when they reached here as already there is a ban on LTTE.

In that situation, the PMK is only expressing its feelings in support of the affected Tamils. But, some newspapers opposed even such expressions, he lamented. But, the news about 5000 Tamil soldiers besieged over 40,000 Sinhalese troops brought cheer among many.

He said the situation in Lanka vindicated the belief that Tamils will never be defeated so that only the issue is at present spoken at world level. He said the policy of the PMK is that `if Tamils face problems, support them; if Tamils come up in life, pat them'.

About local problems, he said though the country is agrarian based, the farmers are languishing in poverty without having powers to fix the selling prices for their produces while even a small pin manufacturer is having such a privilege. So, only if the farmers obtain such privilege they can come up in their lives.

The country has vast natural resources and is capable of even fulfilling the demands of 25 p.c. of the world. The people are also prepared to work hard. But even then, the basic needs of the people are not yet fulfilled. Problems like water scarcity, lack of quality education in rural areas, poor civic amenities, PHCs without doctors etc are dogging them.

Quoting former Union Minister Rajesh Pilot's version that only 25 paise out of Re 1, earmarked from the Centre, reached the people, he said for ensuring that 25 paise, the government has to spend Rs. 5 for administrative expenses.

He said even after the passage of 9 five year plans, over 40 p.c. of the people in the country are living without even one square meal in a day. But, the government on the other hand offers many concessions to the government staff and also ensure their peaceful settlement after their retirement.

But, 95 p.c. of the government officials have not bothered about the people. So, wrong mode adopted in planning and its implementation affected the growth of the country. If the government officials realise that they have been deputed for the welfare of the people and the country is ours, then only the situation will improve, he felt. Later, he attended similar conference at Dharapuram segment.

Union Minister of State for Petroleum A Ponnusamy has urged the party cadres to work hard to secure at least 60 MLA seats in the ensuing assembly polls and also try to upgrade the party to number one position before 2006 elections.

MLAs GK Mani, Govinda, I Ganesan, party office-bearers PV Ramnathan, P Rajendran, CV Nachimuthu, SP Manikandan, PT Aurlmozhi and K Chandrasekaran also spoke.