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June 13, 2000
Place: Trincomalee

Source: TamilNet
Student boycott extended
The boycott campaign launched by the students of Chelvanayapuram Tamil Maha Vidyalayam on Friday has been extended to all schools in the Trincomalee town from Tuesday. [ Full Story ]
June 17, 1998
Place: Mullaithivu

Source: LTTE press release
Mass protest against army atrocities on Vanni
A mass protest march took place in Karaithuraipattu, Mullaithivu today against Sinhala armed forces inhuman onslaught on innocent Tamils. The latest Sinhala armed forces massacre on Suthanthirapuram in which over 25 Tamil persons were killed, and resulted in a mass displacement of its inhabitants was strongly condemned by the protesters. Petitions addressed to the UN secretary general, the central government of India, the government of Tamil Nadu, the UNHCR and to the president of Sri Lanka were handed over to the assistant government agent of Mullaithivu. A public meeting took place at the end of the protest march.. [ Full Story ]
May 3, 1998
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet, May 03, 1998
Army uses civilians as human shields - MP
Joseph Parajasingham MP (Tamil United Liberation Front, Batticaloa District) has written to Sri Lanka President Chandrika Kumaratunga requesting her to bring to a halt the practice of subjecting youths to hard labour under inhuman conditions by Sri Lankan Army (SLA). [ Full Story ]
March 25, 1998
Place: Colombo

Source: TamilNet, March 25, 1998
Tamil parties protest over arrests
The Tamil United Liberation Front and the All Ceylon Hindu Congress lodged vehement protests with the Sri Lankan government today over the arrest and detention of the Captain Gardens Hindu temple chief priest's daughter and her three children. [ Full Story ]