Mass demonstration held in Vanni

Place: Vanni | Courtesy: LTTE press release
| Date: 19980615

Today thousands of Tamil men, women and children participated in a demonstration held in Vanni in protest of Sri Lankan armed forces killing of innocent Tamil civilians. The protest began at 10.30 a.m. in Vallipuram and reached Suthanthirapuram grounds at 1.30 p.m. The recent sinhala army massacre on Suthanthirapuram, Udyarkaddu and Vallipuram in which over 25 persons including women and children were killed and over 50 seriously injured was strongly condemned by the protesters.

It was pointed out during the demonstration that attack on civilians and civilian habitations by the Sinhala armed forces is a norm in Sri Lanka. In 1995, the Sri Lankan Airforce bombed the Navaly church in which over 200 displaced civilians were killed. In the same year the Nagarkoil School was also bombed in which over 30 innocent Tamil children were killed. What makes this possible is the financial and military assistance provided generously by Aid Consortium composed of donor countries. A public meeting also took place where the bombs and shells fell. Many speakers condemned World Agencies for keeping silence and turning a blind eye on the sufferings of the Tamil people and not voicing in protest of Sinhala army atrocities. At the end of the public meeting memorandums addressed to the UN Secretary General were presented by the NGO's Union of Mullaithivu, Mullaithivu Confederation of Citizens Organisations and Rev. Fr. Cross - the Parish Priest of Suthanthirapuram. At the end of the meeting life size effigies of Sri Lankan President Chandrika and Deputy Defence Minister Ratwatte were burned by the protesters.