Displacement - Articles

January 31, 2001
Place: Chavakachcheri

Source: TamilNet
Chavakachcheri not suitable for resettling -Mayor
The conditions in Chavakachcheri are not suitable for resettling people although the government and some parties are attempting to do so, said Jaffna Mayor N.Raviraj, returning from a tour arranged by the Sri Lanka army Wednesday. The SLA's 51-2 brigade commander accompanied the mayor, Mr.V.Anandasangaree, Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) MP for Jaffna and Mr. S.Aravinthan, member of the Jaffna Municipal Council (TULF). "The hospital, the market complex and the houses in the heart of the Chavakachcheri town are completely destroyed and the region is totally deserted" the Mayor said. [ Full Story ]
November 15, 2000
Place: Trincomalee

Source: TamilNet
Entire village displaced
The entire hamlet of Soodaikuda in the Muttur area south of Trincomalee town has been displaced due to continuous artillery attack by the government forces. 148 people belonging to 46 families - all Tamils - residing in Soodaikuda have sought refuge in a school at Sampoor village, officials attached to local humanitarian organisations said. [ Full Story ]
June 22, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
5000 Jaffna refugees sheltered in Pooneryn
More than five thousand civilians displaced from the Thenmaradchi division of the Jaffna peninsula due to bombing and shelling have been housed in a transit camp in Pooneryn, international aid agency sources said Thursday. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the International Committee of the Red Cross are providing limited emergency relief to the displaced civilians they said. [ Full Story ]
May 31, 2000
Place: TamilNadu

Source: BBC
Taking refuge in Tamil Nadu
Every morning, scores of women and men huddle near the highway outside the Mandapam transit camp for refugees in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. [ Full Story ]
May 31, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: AI
Help for the displaced
The current upsurge in the fighting between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan security forces on the Jaffna peninsula has caused large numbers of civilians to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere in public buildings and with friends and relatives. [ Full Story ]
April 1, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Refugee crisis in Jaffna war zones
Local officials and Catholic church sources said today that they are fast running out of rice gruel for more than 7500 persons displaced in the Pallai sector due to the fighting between the Liberation Tigers and the Sri Lanka army. They said there aren't funds or supplies to feed the people who fled the shelling in Pallai and Maasar, north of the Elephant Pass garrison, since Monday, March 27 as all civilian transport has come to a halt because of the fighting on the A9 highway and the interior between Pallai and Eluthumadduval. [ Full Story ]
January 30, 2000
Place: Trincomalee

Source: TamilNet
Resettlement, a distant dream to refugees
1007 refugee families are still staying in 13 welfare centers in Trincomalee district without any prospect of being resettled in their own villages, authoritative sources said. [ Full Story ]
December 10, 1999
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: ICRC
Assistance for 30,000 displaced
During the month of November the ICRC assisted 30,000 Sri Lankan civilians displaced within the northern part of the island as a result of the offensive launched on 1 November by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. [ Full Story ]
July 11, 1999
Place: Mannar

Source: TamilNet
More refugees flee to Mannar Island
Hundreds of displaced villagers keep on fleeing the Vanni area, as there is no shelter, food and relief assistance, said sources in Mannar island. "Up to Friday more than 1700 villagers have crossed the Mannar lagoon to reach the ferry at Pallimunai in Mannar island", additional Government Agent for Mannar V.Visvalingam said. [ Full Story ]
May 7, 1999
Place: Trincomalee

Source: TamilNet
Over 4000 displaced families in Trincomalee
The total number of displaced families living in the Trincomalee district now stands at 4068, said a report prepared by the District Consortium of the non-governmental organisations. [ Full Story ]
March 21, 1999
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Displaced seek refuge in jungles
More than four thousand civilians who fled Vidaththaltheevu, Aandankulam etc., due to heavy Sri Lankan Army (SLA) shelling since last week have sought refuge in the jungles of Kalliady said Mannar Kachcheri sources today. They said that the local school was filled with refugees when the main body of the people who fled the SLA shelling arrived here this weekend. [ Full Story ]
March 12, 1999
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Operation Rana Gosa displaces 15000
Nearly 15,000 people have been displaced during 'Operation Rana Gosa', launched by the Sri Lankan Army last week said sources in the Vanni. The displaced have sought refuge in school buildings and under trees along the roads in the Mulankaavil and Thunukkai areas, the sources added. [ Full Story ]
December 27, 1998
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Civilians move from Mulliyavalai
A large number of civilians from Mulliyavalai in the Mullaithivu district began moving towards Puthukkudiyiruppu since last night fearing another advance by the Sri Lankan Army (SLA). [ Full Story ]
December 6, 1998
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Displaced housed in schools
Ten schools in the Puthukudiyeruppu area of the Mullaithivu district, have been turned into welfare centres to accommodate the displaced refugees from the Oddusuddan area the Voice of Tigers (VoT) said. [ Full Story ]
December 3, 1998
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Jeyasikurui shell attack displaces 9000
Troops engaged in 'Operation Jayasikurui' launched intensive shell attacks towards Oddusuddan, east of Mankulam and towards west of Mankulam, today , the Voice of Tigers (VoT) said in its night news bulletin. [ Full Story ]
October 7, 1998
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Displaced people suffer collective punishment
A cut in relief supplies to the displaced people in the Vanni cannot be justified and amounts to collective punishment by the Sri Lanka Government on the displaced people, said the memorandum sent by the displaced people in the Vanni to the Unites Nations General Secretary, and to the General Secretary of World Food Programme. [ Full Story ]
June 20, 1998
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: TCHR
Internally Displaced People One million in the island of Sri Lanka
The Tamil Centre for Human Rights welcomes the Guiding Principles for Internally Displaced People that the Special Representative of the Secretary General Mr Francis M. Deng is introducing. In his report in February of this year it was recognised that internal displacement is one of the most tragic phenomena of the contemporary world, affecting some 25 million people worldwide. It also stated: [ Full Story ]
March 20, 1998
Place: Vaharai

Source: TamilNet
2000 Tamil civilians flee to escape air raids
Sri Lankan Kfir warplanes Wednesday launched waves of bombs on LTTE-administered Vaharai, causing over 2000 Tamil civilians to flee to safety in Kathiraveli and Mankerni. Four Tamil students were severely injured in the bombing raids and many fishing boats were destroyed. [ Full Story ]
March 9, 1998
Place: Vannivilankulam

Source: TamilNet, March 09, 1998
SLA shells village west of Mankulam
455 families fled from the village of Vannivilankulam, as the Sri Lankan Army launched a heavy long range artillery and mortar bombardment of the area. [ Full Story ]
December 31, 1997
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet, December 31, 1997
Jayasikurui displaces thousand families
Social workers in the Vanni said that 4481 people belonging to 1081 families have been displaced by the onslaught of the eight month old Operation Jayasikurui of the Sri Lankan army. Of these 4481 people have settled temporarily in the Karachchi division, 356 people in Kandawalai and 3068 people in Pooneryn. [ Full Story ]
May 24, 1997
Place: Nedunkerni

Source: TamilNet
Nearly 4000 Tamil civilians displaced from Nedunkerni
3776 Tamil people have lost their homes as a result of Sri Lanka's latest military operation in Nedunkerni, said the district's Government Agent last Monday. Nedunkerni town was literally flattened by Sri Lankan bombardments and is today devoid of residents. The majority of those displaced are reduced to living in "welfare centres" with a tiny number finding refuge in relatives' homes. [ Full Story ]
February 26, 1997
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Displacement caused by 'Edibala' - Official figures
Sri Lanka's latest military operation, 'Edibala', has caused an exodus of Tamil civilians who are now stranded in ill-equipped and over-crowded refugee camps. The following are figures of the displaced people obtained from the records of the Assistant Government Agent of Mannar. [ Full Story ]
February 0, 1997
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Mass exodus in Vanni by Operation Edibala
Another humanitarian crisis is looming as Sri Lankan forces shell and aerial-bomb Tamil border villages on the edges of Vavuniya and Mannar districts in their latest offensive. [ Full Story ]
December 16, 1996
Place: Vanni

Source: U.S Committe for Refugees
400 000 displaced Tamils in the Vanni area
USCR staff members Hiram A. Ruiz and Katie Hope recently visited Sri Lanka. They will be detailing their findings and making recommendations in a forthcoming report. Following is a brief account of some of USCR's principal observations: [ Full Story ]
October 30, 1995
Place: Jaffna

Source: Collection
Historic exodus and military occupation of Jaffna!
The night of Monday October 30 , l995 was a black night in the entire history of the age-old city of Jaffna . Never has history witnessed such an exodus of fear and panic stricken people screaming and squeezing themselves out of the narrow roads and lanes of Jaffna. The nearly half a million population in and around the town was literally on the roads in pouring rain inching its way out of the densely populated town into the sparsely populated and ill -equipped suburban villages of Chavakachcheri, Kodikaman and Palai. It was for everyone a flight for survival. [ Full Story ]
January 2, 1993
Place: Kilali lagoon

Source: Tamil Nation- 15 Feb. 1992; p3
Attacks on Tamil civilians crossing Kilali lagoon: 65 Killed
Over 50 people were killed and 15 injured on the night of 2nd January 1993 in the latest in a series of attacks by Sri Lankan Naval gunboats on civilians. Passengers traveling in a flotilla of sixteen boats across the Kilali lagoon were fired upon in the glare of a spotlight, by Sri Lankan naval personnel. The attack lasted over half an hour. [ Full Story ]
November 12, 1990
Place: Analaitivu, jaffna

Source: Local Media
6 Tamil refugees were killed
42 refugees fled to India in a boat. The boat was attacked by the navy near Analaitivu. 4 refugees were killed inside the boat. Navy captured the boat and brought to the shore. 2 more persons died among the injured. [ Full Story ]
October 25, 1990
Place: Clappenberg, Trincomalee

Source: Local Media
25 Tamil refugees were brutually killed by army
Sri Lankan army entered into the Clappenberg refugee camp in Trincomalee and brutually killed 25 Tamil refugees. [ Full Story ]
October 15, 1990
Place: Kaluthavalai, Batticoloa

Source: Local Media
A Tamil refugee woman was killed, 4 injured
At 6p.m a refugee boat going from kaluthavalai to Palukamam was attacked by a artillery shell fired from Kaluthavalai army camp. A woman, named Kanapathippilai Puranam aged 45 from Chetipalayam died. 4 refugees injured. [ Full Story ]