Attacks on Tamil civilians crossing Kilali lagoon: 65 Killed

Place: Kilali lagoon | Courtesy: Tamil Nation- 15 Feb. 1992; p3
| Date: 19930102

Over 50 people were killed and 15 injured on the night of 2nd January 1993 in the latest in a series of attacks by Sri Lankan Naval gunboats on civilians. Passengers traveling in a flotilla of sixteen boats across the Kilali lagoon were fired upon in the glare of a spotlight, by Sri Lankan naval personnel. The attack lasted over half an hour.

The bodies of six women and eight men washed ashore in the Kilinochchi district (Vanni). Nine bodies were identified. One boat drifted ashore with its dead occupants.

Five people were admitted to Kilinochchi hospital with serious injuries.

A few weeks earlier, in December 1992, the Sri Lankan navy killed 15 people who were crossing the lagoon on a ferry. The members of the Ferry Transport Association refused to work as a result of these killings, consequently stranding over 800 passengers without food or shelter.

Out of sympathy, the ferrymen decided to take their boats out, and were subsequently killed in the massacre on 2 January.