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February 17, 2001
Place: Kalutara

Source: TamilNet
State to reconsider indictment on tortured prisoner
The state counsel in the Colombo High Court moved Friday for a date to consider withdrawing the indictment on a Jaffna youth who was tortured in detention and is currently being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) at the remand prison in Kalutara. [ Full Story ]
January 22, 2001
Place: Colombo

Source: TamilNet
Jaffna journalist tortured in solitary confinement
A senior Jaffna journalist held incommunicado by the Sri Lankan Police since 2 January was assaulted with pipes and tortured, Human Rights Commission officials who were permitted to see him this weekend said Monday. The journalist, Mr. Nadarajah Thiruchelvam, had been held handcuffed for 12 days in solitary confinement by the Terrorism Investigation Division of the Police, they said. The police have neither filed any charges against Mr. Thiruchelvam nor have produced him in a court. [ Full Story ]
December 25, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Bodies of missing civilians found
The bodies of eight Tamil civilians, including a five year old child, who were reported 'missing' after being arrested by Sri Lanka Army soldiers on 19 December were unearthed from a grave in Mirusuvil area in the Thenmaradchi Monday, said police and hospital sources in Jaffna. [ Full Story ]
December 14, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Police tortured say young Jaffna women
The Vavuniya High Court last Tuesday discharged two young girls from Jaffna charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), on the ground that the Police had obtained confessions from them under duress. Mariyathas Mary Sharmila,18, of Alvai north and Shanmugam Sharmila, 21, of Sivankoviladi, Madduvil south told the court that they were severely tortured by male Police personnel during their detention. [ Full Story ]
November 16, 2000
Place: Vavuniya

Source: TamilNet
PTA detainee released - confessed under torture
The Vavuniya High Court acquitted Balasingham Illakanakanthan, who had been charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), on the basis that the confession of the accused was obtained under duress whilst in Sri Lanka Army custody. The accused had been in remand for about eighteen months. [ Full Story ]
August 18, 2000
Place: Killinochchi

Source: LacNet
Mass grave at Killinochchi?
Civilians in the Vanni district at Killinochchi claim to have found over 45 bodies within the precincts of the former army camp at Killinochchi. A large number of the bodies they say have been found in pits within the forward defence localities of the armed forces camp. The army camp at Killinochchi fell to the LTTE in September 1998. [ Full Story ]
July 20, 2000
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
Court releases tortured Batticaloa youth
The Batticaloa High Court Wednesday released two Tamil youth who had been tortured by the Sri Lankan security forces while in detention under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. [ Full Story ]
July 19, 2000
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: TamilNet
Torture, "disappearances" and deaths in custody increase - Amnesty
An increase in torture, "disappearances" and deaths in custody have been reported in Sri Lanka since new emergency regulations were introduced by the President in May 2000 the Amnesty International said in a report on Sri Lanka released Wednesday. [ Full Story ]
June 25, 2000
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: AFP
Tamil men reportedly endure rape, torture in Sri Lankan prisons
PARIS (June 25, 2000 10:31 a.m. EDT - Sexual abuse of Tamil men in Sri Lankan jails is rampant, including rape, electric shocks to the genitals and forced sex acts with prison guards, according to a study published in Saturday's issue of The Lancet, the British medical weekly. S [ Full Story ]
May 20, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
SLA shuts down Jaffna paper
The Sri Lanka army sealed the Jaffna daily, Uthayan, yesterday. Soldiers who went to the paper's office in Jaffna town last evening locked the building, cut phone lines and took the keys away said a journalist at the paper. The Sri Lankan government declared draconian laws recently granting sweeping powers to specially appointed officials including the authority to close down news papers and printing presses. [ Full Story ]
March 17, 2000
Place: Colombo

Source: WSWS
Sri Lankan police order female "LTTE suspect" to strip publicly at gunpoint
A particularly outrageous incident in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo last Saturday gives a glimpse of the humiliation, harassment and persecution routinely directed by the security forces against anyone thought to be a member of the country's Tamil minority. [ Full Story ]
February 2, 2000
Place: Colombo

Source: TamilNet
Damages for tortured youth
The High Court in Colombo ordered today the state to pay fifty thousand rupees in compensation to a youth who has been tortured in police custody. The youth, Thambirasa Arudchelvam, 22, who was arrested on May 19, 1999 is currently held as a detainee at the Kalutara Prison. [ Full Story ]
October 5, 1999
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
PTA detainee tortured - JMO
Kalithas Selvam, 49, who was detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) had been tortured in the police custody said the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) while testifying at the Batticaloa High Courts yesterday. [ Full Story ]
June 23, 1999
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
Batticaloa marks day against torture
The International Day in support of Victims of Torture is to be observed in the eastern town of Batticaloa on June 26 with a cultural pageant. Four organisations are co-ordinating the pageant and public meeting to be held on the same day. [ Full Story ]
June 1, 1999
Place: North - East

Source: TamilNet
Torture prevails despite reforms - Amnesty International
In a news release published today titled, " Torture prevails despite reforms", the human rights pressure group Amnesty International said that "despite several positive steps in recent years, torture continues to mar Sri Lanka's human rights record." [ Full Story ]
May 25, 1999
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
Tortured detainee released
The Eastern High Court Judge Mr.A.N.Ramachandran today discharged an accused charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act when the State Counsel moved that he was withdrawing the case on the instruction of the Attorney General. [ Full Story ]
April 30, 1999
Place: Trincomalee

Source: TamilNet
Evidence shows detainee was tortured
A surgeon attached to the Trincomalee base hospital told the Eastern High Court that scars found on the body of the accused Tamil youth were consistent with the history given by him that he had been tortured while in custody. [ Full Story ]
March 17, 1999
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Residents express apprehension
Residents of Iranai Iluppaikulam, which was captured by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) recently, told journalists who visited the area yesterday that they are afraid that "disappearances" will occur as the SLA continues screening for Tiger suspects. [ Full Story ]
December 2, 1998
Place: Kalmunai

Source: TamilNet
Police accused of torture at inquest
The inquest into the death of Sathasivam Sanjeevan, an 18 year old school student who died in the Sri Lankan Police custody on October 15, was held at the Kalmunai District court on November 26. His father, Vadivel Sathasivam, 42, testifying in the courts said his son had been tortured in police custody. [ Full Story ]
August 31, 1998
Place: Vavuniya

Source: TamilNet
Torture victim pursued into church
A severely tortured Tamil youth who sought asylum in the Rambaikulam St. Anthony's church in Vavuniya while a mass was in progress was taken away by the Sri Lankan Police who were threatened by his captors - a Tamil paramilitary group operating with the SLA. Rambaikulam is a suburb of Vavuniya town. [ Full Story ]
June 25, 1998
Place: Vavuniya

Source: LTTE press release
Army tortures Tamils in Vavuniya
Three Tamil residents who went to the shrub jungles of Puthur to hunt for food have been arrested and severely tortured by the occupying Sinhalese armed forces. The civilians - Kasinathan Gunalingam, Varithamby Ponnampalam, and Francispillai Angelo - all from Kunchukulam were arrested on June 25 and taken to the Sinhala army camp in Vavuniya where they were mercilessly tortured. They were released after the intervention of the Red cross society. [ Full Story ]
May 20, 1998
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: Amnesty
Sri Lanka compelled to acknowledge torture is a problem
"Amnesty International joins Committee against Torture call for end of impunity for torturers. Amnesty International today welcomed the United Nation's (UN) Committee against Torture recommendation that the Sri Lankan Government take firmer action to bring to justice perpetrators of torture. [ Full Story ]
May 20, 1998
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: Amnesty
Amnesty International joins Committee against Torture call for end of impunity for torturers
Amnesty International today welcomed the United Nation's (UN) Committee against Torture recommendation that the Sri Lankan Government take firmer action to bring to justice perpetrators of torture. [ Full Story ]
April 27, 1998
Place: Chullipuram

Source: TamilNet, April 27, 1998
Torture victim attempts suicide
Maayur Nagarajah (17) who was beaten and severely tortured at the Chullipuram Sri Lanka Army (SLA) camp, 12 km West from Jaffna, attempted to commit suicide last evening at his parents home fearing that the SLA was going to detain and torture him again, said sources in Jaffna. [ Full Story ]
March 18, 1998
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet, March 18, 1998
Parents of the Missing die of grief
The Missing Persons Guardian's Association of Jaffna (MPGA-J) states that the number of parents who die out of grief for their children who were arrested by the SLA and are still missing is on the increase in the Jaffna peninsula. [ Full Story ]
November 10, 1997
Place: dsd

Source: TamilCanadian
sds [ Full Story ]
November 4, 1997
Place: Colombo

Source: TamilNet
Tamil man dies in police custody
Seevarathnam Sivarasa who was arrested in Vavuniya and detained at the Mt. Lavinia Police station in Colombo in connection with the discovery of weapons allegedly belonging to the LTTE in Ratmalana died last night in the Colombo general hospital. He was admitted to the general hospital by the Sri Lankan Police. [ Full Story ]
October 9, 1997
Place: Kilinochchi

Source: Local Press
More Kilinochchi disappearances
At least twenty two Tamil civilians who returned to inspect their homes which they had fled ahead of a Sri Lankan army offensive disappeared in areas just outside positions held by the army. Their homes were in Santhapuram, Vasanthapuram, Murikandy and Selvapuram. They are believed to have been arrested and disappeared by Sri Lankan troops, as they have never been seen since. Their relatives lodged appeals with the ICRC in Mallavi. [ Full Story ]
October 0, 1997
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: British Refugee Council
Torture of Tamil in custody proved in Supreme Court
"The Supreme Court awarded in October Rs 100,000 compensation in a fundamental rights case of Tamil trader Ratnasabapathy Mohanadas who was detained and tortured by the security forces. The case illustrates the difficulties Tamils face in Colombo, NGOs say. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 28, 1997
Place: Colombo

Source: TamilCanadian
Insult Added To Injury For Tamil Torture Victim
A Tamil man who underwent severe torture at the hands of Sinhalese police was ordered by a Sinhalese magistrate to be kept in jail under the government's draconian prevention of terrorism act. 23-year old A. Sureshkumar who travelled to Colombo in order to go abroad for a job was arrested by Bambalapitiya police on 11 September. He was taken into custody where he was severely beaten with iron rods by three Sinhalese police officials -- Sergeant Tharmapala and constables Jegath and Veerakon. Mr. Sureshkumar then had his testicles crushed before the three officials hung him upside down in a remand room and beat the soles of his feet to tatters. The injured man was taken to court on a stretcher four days after this, where the Sinhalese magistrate ordered him to be kept in jail under the prevention of terrorism act. It was only after the supreme court heard Mr. Sureshkumar's fundamental rights appeal that he was released. No order has been made against the police or magistrate concerned [ Full Story ]
July 0, 1997
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: British Refugee Council
Arrests & torture of Tamils - continuing impunity
"...Over 50 Tamils were taken into custody in the Pettah commercial district on 3 June. A British Tamil couple were arrested near the President’s “Temple Trees” residence on 11 June. ... [ Full Story ]
May 10, 1997
Place: Colombo

Source: TamilCanadian
"Police Made Me Drink My Own Blood" - Torture Victim
A Tamil man presently in a Colombo jail is filing for wrongful arrest after undergoing excessive torture at various Sinhala police stations. He was arrested in November while staying at a Vavuniya hotel. Local police beat him on the head with iron rods then kicked him in the face as he squirmed on the ground. He was then ordered to drink the blood that poured from his nose and mouth. A month later Rajendran Mahendran - who is 33 - was transferred to Borella police station (Colombo) where the torture continued. Officers squeezed his testicles in an iron device and denied him treatment even as pus leaked from his ears. He was later taken to Colombo magistrates court where he was remanded for an indefinite period. Mahendran is a father of three from Karainagar. He says not even the scant legal formalities relating to arrest and detention under the country's draconian emergency regulations was observed. Sri Lanka claims that Tamils are treated as equals in law. [ Full Story ]
April 0, 1997
Place: Colombo

Source: British Refugee Council
Mass arrests & torture of Tamils in Colombo...
In late May the Human Rights Task Force (HRTF) recorded over 810 Tamil detentions in Colombo and Kalutara prisons and at the police headquarters. Colombo human rights agency the Movement for Inter-Racial Justice and Equality (MIRJE) says that cordon and search, random arrests and house-to-house searches take place almost every day. According to MIRJE many more Tamils are currently held in police stations. [ Full Story ]
November 0, 1996
Place: Tamil Eelam

Source: British Refugee Council
Police powers romote torture says Colombo Judge
"Supreme Court Judge P Ramanathan says despitejudicial orders against law-enforcement off cers, torture in police stations continues unabated. Police have powers to record statements, investigate and pros- ecute offenders. The concentration of powers allow the police to take short-cuts by torture in custody, says Mr Ramanathan. [ Full Story ]
August 14, 1996
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: Amnesty
Two years since it came to power, the People's Alliance government continues to tolerate human rights violations while refusing to take the crucial steps needed to ensure that human rights protection becomes a reality in Sri Lanka, Amnesty International said today. [ Full Story ]
August 9, 1992
Place: Mailanthannaii, Batticaloa

Source: Tamil Nation- 15 September 1992; p4.
Mailanthannaii massacre: 32 Tamils Killed!
A group of unidentified, armed men attacked the Tamil village of Mailanthannaii in Batticaloa district in the early hours of 9 August 1992. Twenty one Tamil people were either shot or hacked to death in the village. Nine other civilians bodies were recovered from the jungles around the village later in the day. [ Full Story ]
December 25, 1990
Place: Clappenberg, Trincomalee

Source: Local Media
15 Tamil refugees were killed
The Tamil refugees from the Clappenberg, Trincomalee refugee camp were taken away by the Sri Lankan army. Their fate is not known. They are presumed dead. [ Full Story ]
December 7, 1990
Place: Kaluthavalai, Batticoloa

Source: Local Media
A Tamil student was killed
A student named M.Pakirathan aged 14 was taken by the army to camp in Kaluthavalai, Batticoloa. He is presumed dead. [ Full Story ]
October 30, 1990
Place: Kallady etal, Batticoloa

Source: Local Media
30 tamil civilians were killed
In the villages, Kallady, Aryampathy, Thalankuda, Kirankulam, Puthikutiyiruppu, Army and Muslim homeguards rounded up the villages and took the Tamil men to Arayampathy army camp. The men were tortured and brutally murdered. Their bodies were burnt with the tires put over them. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 26, 1990
Place: Thambiluvil, Amparai

Source: Local Media
50 Tamil civilians were arrested by SL Army and disappeared
Sri Lankan Army surrounded the village, Thambiluvil in Amparai district and took away the peasants. They had disappeared without any trace. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 24, 1990
Place: Ayyathimalai, Batticoloa

Source: Local Media
4 Tamil civilians were arrested by Army and disappeared
4 Tamil civilians were arrested by Sri Lankan Army and disappeared without any trace. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 21, 1990
Place: Karaitheevu, Batticoloa

Source: Local Media
25 Tamil civilians arrested by special Task Forces disappeared
25 Tamil civilians arrested by special Task Force personnel disappeared without any trace in Karaitheevu [ Full Story ]
August 2, 1989
Place: Valvettiturai

India's My Lai - the Valvettiturai Massacre
On 2 August 1989, the so called Indian Peace Keeping Force deliberately killed over 50 Tamil civilians in Valvettiturai in the Jaffna Peninsula in a massacre that was later described as India's Mylai. [ Full Story ]
December 30, 1985
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: Amnesty
Amnesty International today, 30 December 1985 announced that it had called on the Sri Lankan Government to act urgently to stop torture by government forces. [ Full Story ]
April 14, 1985
Place: Jaffna

Source: Sunday Observer,
Torture and murder by the Sri Lanka Special Task Forces
Mahendra Kesivapillai, a second year science student from Jaffna University, told me nails were driven into his heels to force him to confess. Chilli powder was rubbed into sensitive parts of his body and he was hung up by his handcuffed wrists for upto eight hours a day in his prison cell... [ Full Story ]
April 14, 1985
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: London Sunday Observer
Torture and murder by the Sri Lanka Special Task Force
" The (Sri Lanka) Special Task Force of police commandos was created last year and trained by British experts who are former members of the (British) Special Air Services (SAS)... [ Full Story ]
April 9, 1984
Place: Jaffna

Source: Local Media
50 Tamil people were killed
The Government Agent for Jaffna estimated that 50 people died between April 9 and 12 and that 'hardly any of those killed by the army were linked with the guerrilla campaign for more Tamil minority autonomy. During this period, emergency regulations, which permitted police to bury casualties without postmortem or inquest were in effect and the identity of those killed was never established. [ Full Story ]