Mailanthannaii massacre: 32 Tamils Killed!

Place: Mailanthannaii, Batticaloa | Courtesy: Tamil Nation- 15 September 1992; p4.
| Date: 19920809

A group of unidentified, armed men attacked the Tamil village of Mailanthannaii in Batticaloa district in the early hours of 9 August 1992. Twenty one Tamil people were either shot or hacked to death in the village. Nine other civilians bodies were recovered from the jungles around the village later in the day.

Ten seriously wounded people were admitted to Polunnaruwa hospital, where two of them later died, bringing the total to 32 deaths.

This massacre occurred 24 hours after the deaths of 10 senior Sri Lankan Army officers, including Brigadier General Wijaya Wimalaratne, in a Tamil guerrilla attack in Kayts island, Jaffna.