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January 2, 2001
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
Drug shortage threatens pregnant women
Hundreds of pregnant women in the northern parts of the Batticaloa district are threatened by the unavailability of a drug (Ecometrine) that controls bleeding during childbirth at the Valaichenai hospital. Medical officers told Mr.M. Abdul Cader, deputy minister for Health who visited the hospital Tuesday that many other essential drugs are in short supply and that the maternity ward building is dilapidated and is functioning without basic facilities. [ Full Story ]
May 0, 2000
Place: Tamil Eelam

Source: TamilCanadian
Women and Children - Human Rights Situation in the Tamil Homeland
There are about 19,100 widows in the Jaffna Peninsula and most are distressed by difficulties they face providing for their families. There is no programme to assist them. Recent statistics gathered by a fact finding committee in Trincomalee state that there are 6,000 war widows living in the Trincomalee district alone. In the East there are more than 8,500 widows in total, 70% of whom are between 18 and 21 years old. Their situation is often desperate and if their husbands were the sole breadwinners they are now driven to extreme poverty. [ Full Story ]
March 16, 2000
Place: Mannar

Source: TamilNet
SLA rape, murder suspects remanded
Mannar Acting Magistrate, Caius Feldano, remanded yesterday two Sri Lankan Army personnel in connection with the rape and murder of a 21-year-old Tamil woman, Ida Hamalitta, in Pallimunai in north western Mannar on 11 July, last year. [ Full Story ]
March 15, 2000
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: The Island
Radhika has protested against attack on women by soldiers — UN
A press release of the United Nations release yesterday said: "The Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Radhika Coomaraswamy, says she is dismayed that the incidence of gang rape and murder of women and girls by Sri Lankan soldiers is continuing in Sri Lanka. She also expressed concern about political violence in the South of the country that was having impact on women victims. [ Full Story ]
December 14, 1999
Place: Colombo

Source: TamilNet
Schoolgirl raped
A group of 5, including a Sri Lanka Army deserter, sexually assaulted a 13 year old school girl, in Mawanella about 55 km, east of Colombo on the Kandy road, said sources. [ Full Story ]
October 3, 1999
Place: Varani

Source: TamilNet
Widowed mother gang raped in Varani
Rajeswary Krishnarajah, 35, mother of three was gang raped by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers at Vaalaithottam, a farming hamlet in Varani in the Thenmaradchi Division of the Jaffna Peninsula on Wednesday, September 29, according to a complaint made by Rajeswary with the Police. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 31, 1999
Place: Valachchenai

Source: TamilNet
Soldiers harass widow, daughter - MP
Mr.Joseph Pararajasingham, MP for the Batticaloa District appealed to the Sri Lankan government authorities yesterday, to safeguard a Tamil widow and her teenage daughter of Peithalai in the Valachchenai area from being sexually harassed by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 9, 1999
Place: Chemmani

Source: TamilNet
Chemmani: alleged rape victim's body found
Three human skeletons, including one suspected to be that of a woman allegedly raped and beaten to death by a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) officer, were found today in a grave pointed out by ex-corporal Somaratna Rajapaksha, the key witness in the investigation into the mass graves at Chemmani and Ariyalai near Jaffna. [ Full Story ]
August 8, 1999
Place: Batticaloa

Source: Thinamurasu
In Batticaloa a girl was raped and killed by the defence forces and the culprits were arrested like in many other cases that happened in the North East. In the south many disappearances were investigated and culprits were also given punishment legally, that made many people happy. [ Full Story ]
July 31, 1999
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
PTA detainee said tortured
A 22 year old woman who had been tortured in military custody was released on bail yesterday by the Batticaloa courts. Antony Krishnaveni, had been arrested by paramilitary gunmen from the Razeek group whilst on her way to Batticaloa from her village Kaluvankerni before being handed over to the Sri Lanka Army. [ Full Story ]
May 4, 1999
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
STF accused of assaulting young widow
The Forum for Human Dignity has complained to the Secretary of the Anti-Harassment Committee that a twenty eight year old young Tamil widow had been harassed by some members of the Special Task Force (STF) stationed at Karativu in the Batticaloa district on April 25. [ Full Story ]
February 14, 1999
Place: Anuradhapura

Source: TamilNet
Woman raped by army personnel
The Sri Lankan Police said that a 20 year old woman who was waiting at a bus stop in Anuradhapura in the north central province was kidnapped and raped by men, including two members of the Sri Lankan Army personnel, yesterday around 9 p.m. [ Full Story ]
January 1, 1999
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Girl's body handed over
The Sri Lankan Police handed over a woman's body with gun shot wounds to the Jaffna Hospital this afternoon around 12.30. The Police said they found the body in Palai, a village 40 km. south of Jaffna town. [ Full Story ]
December 3, 1998
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
Rape victim gives evidence
The inquest in to the rape of Sivasothy Krishnapillai, 31, allegedly by three Special Task Force (STF) personnel, in Mandoor, Batticaloa district on December 31 1996, was held at the Batticaloa District court on November 30. [ Full Story ]
November 29, 1998
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
Tortured, raped detainee set free
Ehamparam Dhamayanthi, a young woman of 20 years from Kommanthurai, accused of withholding information about Liberation Tigers and kept in detention for more than 22 months, was found innocent by the Batticaloa High Courts and was released from jail. The Police had filed a case against her under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) when she was arrested by the security forces on the 2nd February 1997, said legal sources in Batticaloa. [ Full Story ]
May 1, 1998
Place: Welikada jail

Source: TamilNet
One woman's agony
Mrs.Shyamalawathie Wijesundaram,25, was arrested on 31 October 1997 by the Vavuniya Police. At the time of her arrest she was two months pregnant. Currently she is being held in the Welikada jail in Colombo. She is in cell no.4530 of the female ward of the prison. [ Full Story ]
April 15, 1998
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet, April 15, 1998
A girl allegedly raped by a Police
A girl who was allegedly raped by a Police constable was admitted to the Jaffna hospital by Sri Lankan Police at Kopay this afternoon around 3.40 p.m. The girl, Sri Balakumar Ajanthana, 17, of No.386, Kandy Road Ariyalai in Jaffna town, alleged that a Police constable had forcibly raped her which had caused heavy bleeding from the vagina. [ Full Story ]
March 16, 1998
Place: Meesaalai

Source: Collection
Rape of Deaf & Dumb Girl
The deaf and dumb girl, S. Selvarani 28, was on her way to visit a friend on her bicyle when she had been stopped by a group of SLA soldiers who had gagged and bound her and had then gang raped her. [ Full Story ]
March 15, 1998
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet, March 16, 1998
Constable caught molesting a pregnant woman
A Sri Lankan Police constable who attempted to rape a 3 month pregnant woman in Thinneveli in Jaffna last night around 8.30 p.m. was caught and severely assaulted by a group of local civilians. [ Full Story ]
January 12, 1998
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet, January 13, 1998
Elderly woman killed by SLA fire
Palippodi Ponnammma, a seventy year old woman was fatally injured last evening in indiscriminate SLA firing from the Kommaithurai camp which is about thirteen miles north of Batticaloa. Ponnamma was in her house in the camp's vicinity at the time of the firing. She was admitted to the Batticaloa hospital yesterday and died this afternoon. [ Full Story ]
December 25, 1997
Place: Vavuniya

Source: TamilNet, December 26, 1997
Young girls accosted by CID officer
A young girl, identified as Kandhaiah Amudha of Vidaththalthivu in Mannar, who was allegedly raped by a Sri Lankan Police intelligence operative in vavuniya town yesterday retracted her statement to the Police this afternoon. [ Full Story ]
November 23, 1997
Place: Tamil Eelam

Source: Sams
Sri Lanka continues to use Rape as a Weapon of Terror
"Observers say that the Sri Lankan government's programme of winning the "hearts and minds" of the Tamil people in the occupied Northern peninsula is in serious trouble as the Sri Lankan military continues to use rape as a weapon of terror. [ Full Story ]
October 29, 1997
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Girl attempts suicide after rape
A girl who was abducted and found the next day near her house tied up and unconscious in Nayanmarkaddu in Jaffna recently was admitted to hospital on Wednesday Oct.29 after attempting to commit suicide by consuming a large quantity of kerosene. [ Full Story ]
October 28, 1997
Place: Manthikai

Source: TamilNet
40 year old woman raped
A forty year old woman who had been abducted and raped allegedly by soldiers of the SLA, was admitted to the Manthikai hospital yesterday with injuries and multiple lesions. [ Full Story ]
October 19, 1997
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Tamil woman washed ashore with breasts cut off
A female body with extensive cuts has washed onto the shores of Jaffna's Kudarappu (Nakarkovil, Vadamaradchy East). Both of the Tamil woman's breasts were found to have been completely cut off with knives. The attack is believed to have been carried out by Sinhalese military personnel occupying the peninsula. The woman's body could not be identified and was cremated by local Tamils at their own expense. [ Full Story ]
October 16, 1997
Place: Amparai

Source: TamilNet
A Tamil woman is raped and murdered by sinhalese police
A 49-year old Tamil woman, Thankanayaki, has been raped and murdered in Amparai by Sinhalese police and homeguards. In an exclusive interview to the press, her son said the Sinhalese security forces butchered her private parts after gang-raping her. Such instances of rape and brutality by Sinhalese forces occupying the island's eastern Tamil province are not uncommon. It will be recalled that a Tamil mother of four, Koneswary, was gang-raped raped and killed by Sinhalese police on 18 May. After that rape, police inserted a grenade into her genitals and blew her up. [ Full Story ]
October 8, 1997
Place: Jaffna protest

Source: TamilNet
Troops break up Jaffna protest
Last evening (Oct 8) Sri Lankan army troops chased out members of the Jaffna mother's Front and the Organization for the Arrested and Missing in Jaffna when they attempted to stage a Satyagraha in front of the Buddhist temple at the Ariyakulam junction in the Jaffna town. [ Full Story ]
August 8, 1997
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilCanadian
Pregnant Woman Dies During Curfew Hours
A pregnant Tamil woman in urgent need of medical care died last week unable to leave her Jaffna house and go to hospital during army curfew hours. Kanakaratnam Satheesvary (36) of Thanmaradchy - who was in an advanced stage of pregnancy - was undergoing premature labour pains but the 4pm-6am curfew forced her to remain in the house, where she died from lack of medical attention. [ Full Story ]
June 7, 1997
Place: Easterm province

Source: TamilNet
Army atrocites on Tamil women on increase - Women's organizations protest
40 womens organisations from Batticaloa and Trincomalee districts have jointly written to the woman president of Sri Lanka protesting the rise in army atrocities on women in the East. [ Full Story ]
May 17, 1997
Place: Batticoloa

Source: Amnesty
SL Tropps Raped and Killed a 4 chileren's mother
Murugesupillai Koneswary, a mother of four children, was killed at her home in 11th Colony village by a grenade being thrown at her genitals on the evening of 17 May. Reportedly only her two-year-old child was present when the attackers entered her house. Her husband and three older children were not at home. [ Full Story ]
May 15, 1997
Place: Nedunkerni

Source: TamilCanadian
Nedunkerni shelling: 5 killed
The Sri Lankan army fired artillery shells into Nedunkerni town from its base in Manal Aru, killing five Tamil civilians on 15 May 1997. Three of the dead are children of whom two were sisters Vithusa, 3 and Nivetha, 2. A third sister, Ajantha,10 was injured. Vithusa was decapitated by a shell. Another child from a neighbouring house was the third killed. P. Supathira, who was pregnant, died in hospital from severe abdominal injuries. 22-year old V. Priyatharsini was also killed. Several people were wounded and admitted to Puthukudiyiruppu hospital. Nedunkerni was filling with Tamil civilians displaced by an ongoing Sri Lankan army operation in the region. [ Full Story ]
March 17, 1997
Place: Batticaloa

Source: Amnesty
Amnesty reports on rape of Tamil widow and her sister by four Sinhala soldiers
" Velan Rasamma (34) Velan Vasantha (28) Velan Rasamma, a widow, and her sister, Velan Vasantha, were allegedly raped by four soldiers at their home in Mayilampaveli Colony, Batticaloa district, on 17 March 1997. The soldiers, from the Mayilampaveli army camp, reportedly forced their way into their home around 11pm and took the women outside. There, they raped them repeatedly. [ Full Story ]
January 11, 1997
Place: Tamil Eelam

Source: South China Morning Post
150 Tamil women and children raped
" Human rights activists claim more than 150 women, mostly minority Tamils, were raped by police and armed forces personnel last year. [ Full Story ]
January 3, 1997
Place: Vavuniya

Source: News from Tamil Eelam
Pregnant lady found dead on roadside
A Tamil woman has been found dead on a drenched street in Vavuniya with her new-born baby screaming by her side. The pregnant woman had been suffering from medical complications and was due in Colombo for treatment. But Sri Lankan military officials cut short her journey at Vavuniya forcing her to remain in a house near one of the notorious detention centres refusing to permit her passage to Colombo. They ignored her repeated pleas to leave Vavuniya. On the night of 26th December Kandasamy Vijayakumari ventured out in the heavy rain desperately seeking medical attention. She didn't get far. A passer-by found her dead body in a puddle with her new-born child lying alive next to her. The baby was rushed to a hospital but doctors were unable to save him. Kandasamy Vijayakumari was 33 and a mother of three other children. She came from Mankulam. [ Full Story ]
0, 1997
Place: Tamil Eelam

Source: Liberation
Over 150 Tamil women were raped in a year - NGO
There have been over 150 cases of reported rape and sexual assault by Sri Lanka army during the past year. [ Full Story ]
December 26, 1996
Place: Vavuniya

Source: TamilCanadian
Pregnant Lady Found Dead On Roadside
A Tamil woman has been found dead on a drenched street in Vavuniya with her new-born baby screaming by her side. The pregnant woman had been suffering from medical complications and was due in Colombo for treatment. But Sri Lankan military officials cut short her journey at Vavuniya forcing her to remain in a house near one of the notorious detention centres refusing to permit her passage to Colombo. They ignored her repeated pleas to leave Vavuniya. On the night of 26th December Kandasamy Vijayakumari ventured out in the heavy rain desperately seeking medical attention. She didn't get far. A passer-by found her dead body in a puddle with her new-born child lying alive next to her. The baby was rushed to a hospital but doctors were unable to save him. Kandasamy Vijayakumari was 33 and a mother of three other children. She came from Mankulam. [ Full Story ]
December 0, 1996
Place: Mullaitivu

Source: Sunday Times
Bodies Dumped at Sea off Mullaitivu
Three female bodies, some in school uniforms, were found washed ashore in gunny bags on Mullaitivu coast. One of the bodies of a girl in school uniform was found with a necktie of a leading girls school in Chundikuli. Red Cross sources have received reports of bodies found at Mullaitivu.
Source: Sunday Times - 15/12/96 [ Full Story ]
November 0, 1996
Place: Vanni

Source: (British Refugee
A number of women have been sexually abused
"Vanni MP S Shanmugnathan says a n umber of women at the Poonthottam school camp have been sexually abused by the police. A woman who was raped has been admitted to the Vavuniya hospital. Pregnant women have been denied access to the hospital and one woman has died in labour"
(British Refugee Council Publication, Sri Lanka Monitor, November 1996) [ Full Story ]
October 0, 1996
Place: Jaffna

Rapes and Murders in Occupied Jaffna
"Allegations of ill-treatment of women and extra-judicial executions are also being made against the security forces. Reports say that three women were raped by soldiers at their home in Manthuvil on 1 August." British Refugee Council Publication, Sri Lanka Monitor, August 1996 [ Full Story ]
Sept. 30, 1996
Place: Urumpirai North

Source: Local Media
A young woman was raped
"On Sep 30 at about 3.20 PM Velauthapillai Rajani, 22, from Urumpirai North was arrested in Kondavil-Urumpirai Road by the Sri Lankan army. This arrest was seen by several people. Rajani, who was planning to leave to Canada, went to see her relatives in Kondavil to say good-bye. On her way she was stopped by the Sri Lankan soldiers manning the Kondavil checkpoint and was dragged into a house where two elderly people were living. The soldiers chased the two occupants out of the house and Rajani was raped. Her naked body was found later in the compound." [ Full Story ]
Sept. 10, 1996
Place: Thirunelvely

Source: Local Media
A 55 years old woman was gang-raped
On Sep 10, a 55 year old woman employed in the Thirunelvely Co-operative Milk Society was gang-raped by Sri Lankan Army personnel. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 8, 1996
Place: Jaffna

Source: Local Media
A Tamil girl was harassed by Sri Lankan soldiers
Vasuki, a young Tamil girl living in Kilner Lane was harassed by Sri Lankan soldiers from the army camp next to her house. On Sep 8, Vasuki was watching TV at her home between 11 PM and 12 PM at night when 4 Sri Lankan soldiers in civil dress and 2 soldiers in army uniform came into her house and tried to take her away by force. She and her neighbors raised cries and the soldiers fled with Vasuki's National Identity card. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 7, 1996
Place: Jaffna

Source: Collection
Krishanthy Kumarswamy: A student and 3 others raped and killed!
Krishanthy Kumaraswamy (18) who was returning home after sitting her GCE (A/L) examination at Chundikuli Girls High School was last seen at 11.30am at Kaithady checkpoint in Jaffna. She never made it home. Her mother, brother (Pranavan - 16) and family friend (Mr Kirupakaran - 35) who became concerned went in search of Krishanthy. They too disappeared. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 0, 1996
Place: Tamil Eelam

Source: Amnesty
Amnesty appeals for several rapes
"Amnesty International has documented several cases of rape by members of the security forces. Because many women are reluctant to give testimony about their treatment by the security forces, Amnesty International believes that these testimonies represent only a fraction of a widespread pattern of human rights violations. [ Full Story ]
March 7, 1996
Place: Thiyavedduwan

Source: Amnesty
A 45-year-old woman was raped by soldiers
On 7 March 1996, a 45-year-old woman was raped by soldiers at Thiyavedduwan checkpoint. Her husband was beaten with rifle butts. Both were admitted to Valaichchenai hospital. Following a complaint by several people of Thiyavedduwan at Valaichchenai army camp, an identification parade was held and the soldiers were identified and taken into custody by the military police. It is not known whether any further action has been taken against them." (Amnesty International Report, September 1996) [ Full Story ]
0, 1996
Place: -

Source: South China Morning Post
150 Tamils raped by Sinhala 'law enforcers' in 1996
Human rights activists claim more than 150 women, mostly minority Tamils, were raped by police and armed forces personnel last year. In the past few months the nation has been outraged by a series of sex offences, followed in some instances by the death or disappearance of victims. Security forces are allegedly behind the incidents, which are widespread in the war-ravaged north and east. [ Full Story ]
August 0, 1995
Place: Trincomalee

Source: Local Media
A Tamil woman was raped
In August 1995 Lakshmi Pillai was raped at her home in Trincomalee by two army informants in front of her two sons. The motive may have been revenge as she had spoken out about being raped before at Plantain Point army camp in August 1993. The informants were arrested but later released on bail pending trial. [ Full Story ]
November 23, 1990
Place: Batticaloa

Four people killed, 3 disappeared
Army arrested 15 villagers. One Tamil youth and a woman were killed on the spot. The fate of 3 persons taken to army camp is not known. In another incident in Aithiyamalai, the Sri Lankan army entered into a church, pulled out 2 Tamil refugees and shot them dead. [ Full Story ]
October 14, 1990
Place: Thirunelvely, Jaffna

Source: Local Media
A Tamil woman was killed, 10 others injured
At 3p.m 2 bomber planes dropped 2 bombs on a crowded market place. A woman called Rajeswary aged 31 from jaffna, Sivan kovilady dies on the spot. 10 civilians were seriously injured [ Full Story ]
Sept. 22, 1990
Place: Thallavai, Batticoloa

Source: Local Media
35 Tamil villagers including women and children were hacked to death
35 Tamil villagers including women and children were hacked to death by Sri Lankan Army and Muslim homeguards on the same day in Thallavai, Batticoloa. Their bodies were burnt to ashes. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 14, 1990
Place: Thopur, Moothur

Source: Local Media
One Tamil youth killed
Motor shell fired from the Trincomalee army camp fell inside the Pallikudiyiruppu refugee camp. Vairamuththu Malar, 12 year old girl died. 3 injured. [ Full Story ]
June 28, 1986
Place: Thampalakamam

Source: TIC
Thampalakamam massacres - 34 killed
The bodies of thirty four Tamil civilians, including a woman were found in the jungle near Thampalakamam in the Trincomalee district. The victims had apparently been abducted by Home Guards (Sinhalese civilians armed by the Sri Lankan government). [ Full Story ]