Place: Batticaloa | Courtesy: Thinamurasu
| Date: 19990808

In Batticaloa a girl was raped and killed by the defence forces and the culprits were arrested like in many other cases that happened in the North East. In the south many disappearances were investigated and culprits were also given punishment legally, that made many people happy.

Even the Human Rights Movements were jubilant. But later the arrested were released, cases against them lost the initial sharpness and witnesses were threatened to tone down. At the same time, it is not a problem for soldiers to be in jails, as they also can be free when ever they want, but it is not so for Tamil detainees.

What happened to so many defence personnel who were sentenced? Are they serving their terms as they should? Why are the unresolved cases are being unfairly delayed? These are the angles Human Rights organizations must look in to, as we all know that it was foreign pressure that brought punishment to the culprits of the Krishanthy Kumaraswamy murder case.

Courtesy :EDITORIAL - Thinamurasu - Sunday August 08, 1999.