Sri Lanka Kfir jets kill Tamil civilians in Jaffna peninsula

Place: Jaffna peninsula | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19960420

On 20 April 1996, Sri Lankan Kfir jets bombed Muhammalai in the Jaffna peninsula. Ramasamy Aruljayanthy lost her father, her older sister and her niece in the attack. This is a translation of her account of the attack.

    "When we first head the noise of the jets, we ran into the air-raid shelters which had been dug into the ground. Two bombs exploded near our bunker. I fainted. When I regained consciousness, I found my father had had his head blown off. My sister's body had been torn apart and pieces of her child were near by.

    I screamed for help and neighbours came and helped me to dig out the bunker in which my 3 children had been buried by the explosions. By some miracle, we pulled them out alive, even though they had been badly injured.

    My elder sister's two other children, her husband and my little 9-year old sister had also been seriously injured and are in Manthikai hospital in Point Pedro. There were many other badly wounded people.

    We held a funeral for my relatives the next day. Even then, the Sri Lankan jets attacked the mourners, dropping 8 bombs. Almost all my relatives were badly burned. Seven of them are missing, and we cannot find them. I am sure they were killed by the bombs which completely burnt all the houses in the area." (Source: Tamilnet report, 22 Agust 1997)