Sri Lankan soldiers killed 3 Tamil civilians in East

Place: Valaichchenai | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970210

Sri Lankan soldiers shot dead three Tamil civilians yesterday in reprisal for an LTTE attack on their post at Valaichchenai where a Muslim pro-government militia-man was killed.

Though defence ministry officials said the murders of the three civilians - in the Eastern village of Valaichchenai - were the work of the area's Muslim community, eye-witnesses (both Tamil and Muslim) confirm that Sri Lankan troops killed the Tamils after taking to the streets firing indiscriminately. It is not unusual for soldiers to strike at Tamil civilians after suffering military losses. The false account yesterday by the defence ministry was calculated to generate ethnic strife between Muslims and Tamils in the East. Also agent Provocateurs of the Sri Lankan government are operating in the eastern part of the island, to promote internecine clashes amongst the island's non-sinhalese people.