Five Tamil civilians gunned down by SL troops

Place: Kilinochchi | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970418

The Sri Lankan army has shot and killed a group of Tamil civilians who returned to Uruthirapuram (Kilinochchi) to salvage goods from their former homes. Kilinochchi was last year occupied by the army in an offensive which forced many Tamils to flee their homes.

Every so often residents arrive back to retrieve belongings but only to find the army firing on them. One boy in the group - Maniyam Paramanathan (16) - managed to escape but sustained severe injuries. He is recovering in Akkarayan hospital.

 Record of Tamil civilians massacred by Sri Lankan forces in this incident NAME OF TAMIL AGE SEX   1. Kumarasamy Kandasamy 39 male  2. Muthusamy Mahadevan 25 male  3. Anandan Ketheswaran 18 male  4. Sinnavan 19 male  5. Thayalan 17 male