Jaffna occupation forces go on killings

Place: Jaffna | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970621

Sinhala forces occupying the all-Tamil Jaffna peninsula took part in a shooting frenzy which has left 4 civilians - all young men - dead.

The Sinhala soldiers were engaged in another of their "cordon and search" operations on Tuesday in Ponnalai, Moolai, Vaddukoddai and Sithankerni (all in Valigamam west) when the atrocities took place. Their bodies were left strewn on the roadside in order to terrorise Tamil residents. Such is life for Tamils in army-occupied territories. The slightest ill-mood of a Sinhala soldier is enough justification to kill innocent Tamils. There is no law for Tamils beyond the law of the all-Sinhala military. Any pretence by the Sri Lankan government that the occupation forces possess a liberation-mentality is a wilful deceit. The truth is, Jaffna is tenser than ever with the civilian population literally defenceless against the armed troops of the foreign Sri Lankan nation who posses, unmistakably, a conquest-mentality. The peninsula is still banned to journalists after two long years. There is only one possible explanation: to prevent independent witnesses from seeing or reporting the brutal character of the Sinhala occupation.