SL Army opens fire on Tamil civilians boat and kills two

Place: Jaffna | Date: 19980127

Occupying Sinhalese armed forces Saturday opened fire on a civilian boat off Jaffna's coast, killing a 12-year old Tamil boy and an elderly man of 52.

The remaining seven passengers, including a 4-year old girl and two 9-year olds were injured in the army strike. The Tamil passengers were travelling to army-occupied Jaffna from Pooneryn when Sinhalese soldiers at Thanankillapu coast waved the boat to shore then opened fire when it was 100 meters from the coast. The boat, unable to dock, returned to Pooneryn with the dead and injured on board. Those killed were Sivapatham Thevakulaseelan (12) and Yogan Sivakolunthu (52). The injured were Sivapatham Thadchayini (4), Sivapathasundaram Susirani (9), Nagaratnam Lampotharan (9), Soosaipillai Mariyathas Mahendran (48), Arumugam Balasingam (46), Kandasamy Pirakalathan (35) and Parasuraman Sumanthiran (18).