6 Refugees Killed In Shelling

Place: Valaichchenai | Courtesy: TamilCanadian
| Date: 19970313

Six Tamil refugees huddled inside the Valaichchenai refugee camp in Batticaloa have been struck and killed by shellfire from Valaichchenai police station. Another six have been critically injured, including four children - Sivalingam Sarojinidevi (8), Nadarasa Sinnarasa (12), Uthayakpao (12) and J. Arichandran (16).

Indiscriminate artillery fire from army positions in the east has stepped up considerably since the fall of Vavunathivu army camp.

On Sunday, a mother and daughter were killed in Murunkan by shelling from Kinniyady army camp (Batticaloa) while on Saturday two Tamil women - Vivmaladevi and Arunthavam - were badly wounded when shells rained on Kannankuda. Doctors at Batticaloa hospital say Arunthavam's chances of survival are slim due to extensive blood-loss. Relatives were unable to get her to the hospital in time because there was no safe route - she was struck by the shells at 7.30 in the morning and only reached hospital at 7.30 the same evening.