Burnt Body In Amparai Not Identifiable

Place: Amparai | Courtesy: TamilCanadian
| Date: 19971001

The charred body of a young Tamil man is lying unclaimed in Amparai's 4th colony - where Sinhalese police went on the rampage last week - because no one can identify him. One Mr. Suntharalingam (22) is known to be missing but relatives are unsure whether the body in question belongs to him. 67 Tamil homes were torched by Sinhalese police who ran amok in the town killing Tamil civilians. 1700 Tamils (347 families) of 4th colony fled the town in panic. They are currently putting up in Senai Kudiyiruppu school.


46 year old Velantham Perinparasa of Amparai's 4th colony - an eye-witness to the Sinhalese police massacre of Tamils there last week - has described the events of that day. He said Amparai police in uniform and homeguards wearing black shirts stormed into the Tamil village firing their guns indiscriminately at people. When their bullets were exhausted, they began cutting up civilians with big knives, Mr. Perinparasa said. Two gangs of policemen came from opposite directions, making the chances of escape for the Tamil villagers minimal. Some of the policemen were carrying petrol in cans, which they threw upon Tamil houses and created fires. The entire inhabitants of 4th colony were forced flee to other towns.