Sri Lankan War Planes Bomb Church, Killing 9

Place: Vavunikulam | Courtesy: TamilCanadian
| Date: 19970815

Two Sri Lankan Kfir bombers today at 9 AM bombed a Catholic Church in Vavunikulam (Vanni) killing 9 innocent Tamil civilians and critically wounding 15 more. The victims were among several hundred displaced Tamil refugees taking shelter in the church after being made homeless from government«s 3 month long military operation Jeya Sikuru. Six of the dead have so far been identified but the remaining three bodies« reduced to bones and flesh« were too badly disfigured to recognise. The attack was similar to one carried out by Sri Lankan forces in 1995 when war planes deliberately killed scores of Tamils who the military asked to gather in Navaly church for safety.

Following is a list of the dead and injured: 


1) Thesingarasa Thangamani (female, 48) 2) Thesingarasa Vasanthakumari (female, 17) 3) Nadarasa Pushpamalar (female, 41) 4) Nadarasa Gajan (male, 4) 5) Ponnuthurai Annamalar (female, 40) 6) Thurairatnam Parameswary (female 46) (3 bodies remain unidentified)


1) Jeyamohan (male,18) 2) Nakapoorani (female 32) 3) Panchali (female,56) 4) Mathushan (male, 2) 5) Suresh (male, 27) 6) Kauri (female, 28) 7) Nakasanthi (female,13) 8) Sarmila (female,9) 9) Santhanam (male,59) 10) Vijayarasa (male,16) 11) Selvaranee (female,22) 12) Sritharan (male,3) 13) Jeyachanthiran (male,15) 14) Kalingarasa (male,38) 15) Rasamalar (female, 55)