Sri Lankan Army has shelled 24 schools in Kilinochchi

Place: Kilinochchi | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970203

Many Tamil school children in Kilinochchi are reduced to taking classes outside because Sri Lanka has bombed 24 schools in the district.

The buildings were demolished during successive long-range artillery raids in which the army typically made no attempt to safeguard civilian centres. Along with the buildings most of the furniture such as desks and chairs have also been destroyed.

Children now have to sit on the ground outside for the whole day. Most of the remaining school buildings in Kilinochchi are also unavailable because they have had to be turned into shelters to house Tamils displaced by Sri Lanka's military incursions into parts of Kilinochchi. UNICEF has so far provided Rs. 24 lakhs to put up 16 temporary sheds to be used as schools. More sheds are planned. The large-scale bombing of schools and other public buildings illustrates the little regard Sri Lanka's Sinhala armed forces show towards the ordinary Tamil people in its efforts to occupy Tamil territory. Despite such indiscriminate bombing campaigns on Tamil areas Sri Lanka claims to the outside world it is 'liberating' Tamils.