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February 3, 2001
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
February 4, a day of mourning - student body
Tamil people must observe 4th of February, Sri Lanka's Independence day, as a day of mourning, said Student's Freedom Front, in a leaflet distributed today in Batticaloa. "It is the day when rights were denied to Tamil people, when national aspirations of Tamils were denied and when Tamil people lost their freedom and reduced to slave status," the leaflet further said. [ Full Story ]
January 10, 2001
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Massive demonstration in Jaffna - 'Pongu Thamil'
More than ten thousand people in Jaffna comprising university students, high-school students, residents and representatives and members of civil organisations demonstrated Wednesday, urging the Sri Lankan government to reciprocate the Liberation Tigers unilateral ceasefire and negotiate with the movement. Thousands more people were turned away by Sri Lankan security forces at check points set up along the major roads leading to the university, residents said. Reporters were not permitted into the university either. [ Full Story ]
December 29, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Jaffna University students, staff protest
Hundreds of students, academic and non-academic staff of the Jaffna University demonstrated inside the campus premises on Friday voicing support to the political demands of the Tamil people, and demanding the Sri Lankan Government to declare cease-fire and to begin negotiations with the Liberation Tigers, sources in the northern town said. [ Full Story ]
December 14, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Jaffna student beaten up on suspicion
The parents of a Jaffna school boy, Sothiraj Nishanthan,17, alleged Wednesday that their son was abducted and tortured by a person suspected to be an intelligence operative working for the Sri Lanka army. The boy was admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital for treatment with severe contusions on Tuesday 12 december. [ Full Story ]
December 10, 2000
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
SLA arrests, beats-up students
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers arrested four youths from Karuvakerni near Valaichenai in Batticaloa at 3 am today morning and severly beat the youths before releasing them, said village residents. [ Full Story ]
July 15, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Jaffna school boy shot dead
Somasundaram Sanjeevan, a student studying in General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) at Jaffna Hindu College was shot dead by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers on Thursday, 13 July, He was returning home after playing soccer at the school ground when he was shot, the sources said. [ Full Story ]
July 4, 2000
Place: Trincomalee

Source: TamilNet
Student boycott demanding release of arrested schoolboy
Several thousand students studying in over 30 schools in the Muttur electorate in the Trincomalee district have launched a boycott compaign demanding the immediate release of a student, Nagarajah Vamaneswaran who was arrested by the Sri Lank Army (SLA) on 11 June. [ Full Story ]
June 8, 2000
Place: Moratuwa

Source: TamilNet
The journalist was taken in on suspicion Talawakella Police said. Mr.Sathiyanathan's colleagues, however said that the arrest was arbitrary.
Sri Lankan police arrested 58 Tamil undergraduates of the Engineering Faculty at the University of Moratuwa, south of Colombo, around 11 p.m. last night, student sources said. [ Full Story ]
May 0, 2000
Place: Tamil Eelam

Source: TamilCanadian
Through the Eyes of an American Student: An Impression of the Life of Young People in the NorthEast Province
For six months in 1998 my father and I travelled throughout the North and East of the Island of Sri Lanka. From the Government occupied areas of Jaffna and the East to the LTTE controlled areas of the Vanni we travelled and lived with the people. [ Full Story ]
April 5, 2000
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: WSWS
Tamil school student assaulted on Sri Lankan train by racist gang
Hundreds of Tamil students of the Colombo Hindu College boycotted classes on March 23 in protest against a physical attack in broad daylight on a fellow student by a gang of racist thugs. After being restrained by school authorities, the students gave up plans for a street demonstration but decided to wear black armbands as a mark of protest. The incident, which is symptomatic of the atmosphere of Sinhala chauvinism being stirred up the Sri Lankan government and the media, also provoked angry reactions from parents and teachers. [ Full Story ]
January 28, 2000
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
Students protest arrest
Students of Vasavilan Central School and Urumpirai Chandrothaya School today boycotted classes protesting against the arrest two students and their mother by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA), parents said. [ Full Story ]
Sept. 15, 1999
Place: Mullaithivu

Source: TamilNet
21 civilians killed in SLAF attack
More than twenty one civilians, including school children and women were killed and more than forty seriously wounded when two Kfir jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force bombed a crowded public place in Puthukkudiyiruppu in the Mullaithivu district this morning around 10 a.m. [ Full Story ]
July 15, 1999
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet
Batticaloa students demonstrate against police arrests
Students at the Eastern University have been boycotting lectures and demonstrating on the roads since 7 a.m. this morning in protest against the arrests of two follow students by the Police, sources said. [ Full Story ]
March 17, 1998
Place: Batticaloa

Source: TamilNet, March 28, 1998
Girl student stripped naked and whipped by SLA
A GCE (O.L) student of Vincent girls's High School in Batticaloa was stripped naked and whipped by the SLA on March 17 claimed her parents this week. The girl,17, who did not want to be identified, lives in the village of Palugamam with her parents. [ Full Story ]
October 27, 1997
Place: Jaffna

Source: TamilNet
SLA mines plague Jaffna residents
The left foot of a school girl called Kalpana Kanagalingam was blown off when she stepped on an anti-personnel pressure mine which was buried in the garden of her house. [ Full Story ]
August 22, 1997
Place: Vanni

Source: TamilNet
Stop bombing exam halls 'A' level students tell Chandrika
'A' level students in Tamil Vanni have written to the Sinhalese president Chandrika Kumaratunga telling her to stop bombing exam halls where she knows Tamil students are sitting for their GCE (A/L) exams. [ Full Story ]
July 0, 1997
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: British Refugee Council
Arrests & torture of Tamils - continuing impunity
"...Over 50 Tamils were taken into custody in the Pettah commercial district on 3 June. A British Tamil couple were arrested near the President’s “Temple Trees” residence on 11 June. ... [ Full Story ]
May 0, 1997
Place: Colombo

Source: (British Refugee Council
Mass arrests & torture of Tamils in Colombo
...In late May the Human Rights Task Force (HRTF) recorded over 810 Tamil detentions in Colombo and Kalutara prisons and at the police headquarters. Colombo human rights agency the Movement for Inter-Racial Justice and Equality (MIRJE) says that cordon and search, random arrests and house-to-house searches take place almost every day. According to MIRJE many more Tamils are currently held in police stations. [ Full Story ]
December 0, 1996
Place: Mullaitivu

Source: Sunday Times
Bodies Dumped at Sea off Mullaitivu
Three female bodies, some in school uniforms, were found washed ashore in gunny bags on Mullaitivu coast. One of the bodies of a girl in school uniform was found with a necktie of a leading girls school in Chundikuli. Red Cross sources have received reports of bodies found at Mullaitivu.
Source: Sunday Times - 15/12/96 [ Full Story ]
November 12, 1996
Place: Atchuvely

Source: HURT
Child Rape by Sri Lanka Army
Selverajah Theenuka is a 10 year old Tamil I-Iindu girl, living in Pathmeni, Atchuvely on the Jaffna Peninsula. A Sth grade student, she was on her way to school last Tuesday (l2th November 96). At 8.15, she was abducted by Sri Lankan soldiers and taken to the Sri Lankan army's Puttur V.C. camp. There, she was stripped and raped repeatedly by Sinhala soldiers. When they had finished, the soldiers released [ Full Story ]
Sept. 22, 1995
Place: Nagerkoil

Source: Collection
Nagerkoil School bombed 25 school going children were among 71 Tamil civilians killed.
On 22 September Nagerkoil Central School in the Jaffna peninsula was bombed. The intensified aerial bombing and shelling by Sri Lankan government forces came about within hours of the government's imposition of Press Censorship midnight September 21. The bombing of the school happened at12.50 p.m. during the school's lunch break when several of the school children were gathered under a shade tree in the school compound. 25 school going children were among 40 Tamil civilians killed on the spot. Twelve were six and seven year olds. Nearly 200 others were injured, most of them students in the same school. Elsewhere in the area, 15 other civilians were also killed in the course of the same bombing raids. The scene of the attack was visited by the International Red Cross. Pieces of human flesh were strewn around the area including the tree branches, making identification impossible. The total death toll later increased to 71. [ Full Story ]
November 26, 1993
Place: Kokuvil

Source: Network
Sri Ramakrishna Saratha Ladies College in Kokuvil attacked
On Friday, 26 November Sri Lanka Airforce jet dropped two bombs at Kalasalai Road in Thirunelvely. The houses of Sivapatham and Vijayaratnam were badly damaged. Immediately after this attack the supersonic jet targeted the Sri Ramakrishna Saratha Ladies College in Kokuvil. The Vice Principal of the school , Mrs. T.Sri Pathmanathan, a teacher and some students, six in all, were injured. The Science laboratory was damaged. The Principal of the college told reporters that when the sound of the plane was heard, the teachers and children rushed out of the school building to take shelter underneath nearby trees. The teachers and students who were the last to rush out were injured. [ Full Story ]
August 21, 1990
Place: Eravur

Source: Local Media
10 Tamil civilians were killed
10 Tamil civilians were killed by Sri Lankan Army and muslim home guards. Some of these people were University students. [ Full Story ]
December 30, 1985
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: Amnesty
Amnesty International today, 30 December 1985 announced that it had called on the Sri Lankan Government to act urgently to stop torture by government forces. [ Full Story ]
April 14, 1985
Place: Jaffna

Source: Sunday Observer,
Torture and murder by the Sri Lanka Special Task Forces
Mahendra Kesivapillai, a second year science student from Jaffna University, told me nails were driven into his heels to force him to confess. Chilli powder was rubbed into sensitive parts of his body and he was hung up by his handcuffed wrists for upto eight hours a day in his prison cell... [ Full Story ]
April 14, 1985
Place: Sri Lanka

Source: London Sunday Observer
Torture and murder by the Sri Lanka Special Task Force
" The (Sri Lanka) Special Task Force of police commandos was created last year and trained by British experts who are former members of the (British) Special Air Services (SAS)... [ Full Story ]
0, 1972
Place: Ceylon

Tamils squeezed out of Higher Education - 1972
"...Nothing aroused deeper despair among Tamils than the feeling that they are being systematically squeezed out of higher education. They have complained particularly of the system of 'standardisation' in force after 1972, in which marks obtained by candidates for university admission are weighted by giving advantage to certain linguistic groups and/or certain districts..." - Walter Schwarz: Tamils of Sri Lanka - Minority Rights Group Report, 1983 [ Full Story ]